~ Consciousness Mechanics ~

Activating and Applying the Technologies of 5D Consciousness to our 3D reality now.


What are we really talking about when we talk about ascension?

Collectively, we are all in the midst of a birthing process into a new dimension of consciousness as the planet is passing through the portal of time and space and into an overall expanded multidimensional reality.

With this comes the “growing pains” of entering into a higher vibration.

Many of us are experiencing “Ascension Symptoms” such as flu-like symptoms, high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints, tension headaches that are not relieved with pain killers, dizziness, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, dense energy hovering over the chest and lungs, and feeling the whole body vibrate, especially at night when one is in a relaxed state.

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The earth is passing into a higher vibration, and because we are so intimately connected with her energy, we are all capable of opting into new operating systems in order to not just handle but OPTIMIZE this shift-- where we are becoming more crystalline in our cell structures, our DNA codes are being upgraded, and our light bodies are teaching our physical bodies how to hold more light and ever-increasing levels of energetic vibration.

We are transforming and this process is now picking up massive momentum.

To some, this sounds like a lot of woo-woo baloney and, truth be told, it strikes fear into the hearts of those who will not or cannot get on board with this idea of ascension and what it means.

Yet, it’s all the more important to feel compassion for those beings whose ego structure has not come fully into the light yet. Those of us already honoring our charge of being the light bearers- those who have chosen to raise the consciousness on Earth at this time, must be the willing, sometimes maligned and often misunderstood “Ambassadors to Ascension.”

As many of us are finding we are no longer a vibrational match to the 3D reality, we may feel like pulling away.

We feel less grounded into Earth energy and less anchored in our physical bodies.

You say, "This Earth game is too much to take. I want to go home."

But what you don't realize is that the tools to bring "home" here into 3D are active, tangible and practical tools that you can use now to embody your Christed Consciousness and move your locus of consciousness to any level of higher-self incarnation that you wish.

Understand that now, we are in two or 3 realities at once (multidimensional experiences of being) on one playing field-- Earth.

In order to anchor into the higher timelines of 5D, you must have a practice of actively using tools/ technologies that allow you to "play with" the rules of engagement of 5D and beyond.

When we are carefully practiced in these technologies of 5D while being grounded in a 3D body, we move into the realm of superconscious awareness and presence of being where we operate from an even greater bandwidth of higher frequency energy and ascend into higher incarnations of higher selves, getting closer and closer to living at the level of our Oversoul consciousness while embodied in the physical.

This is Consciousness Mechanics ~ Activating and Applying the Technologies of 5D Consciousness to our 3D reality now.

It is so important for us to remember right now that we are participating in this game of 3D duality, fully aware of what we are doing, in the perspective of the Higher Self.

You don't need to reconnect with this part of you.

You are always viewing life from this perspective, it just gets drowned out by the very loud voice of ego programming.

Depending on where you are vibrating energetically, moment to moment, you are either viewing life through the lens of limitation from the ego level, or expansion from the Higher Self level.

You are always and ever, CHOOSING.

You are either deciding to explore the vibration of duality and "play the game" of separation in 3D or you are actively checking in at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels and asking,

"WHO is thinking these thoughts?"
"WHO is running this program of me?"
"WHO is deciding and making choices right now?"

Noticing our unconscious patterns, becoming conscious of them and then adjusting them so that we are shifting into and maintaining a higher frequency is a challenging prospect for many of us, but the mechanics of this shift into a higher perspective is actually quite simple.

The difficult part is letting go of the "idea" of you. And when you empty yourself of all that you are not and access the great void of consciousness, you are in that cosmic sweet spot, where you are available to anchor in the timelines of 5D and beyond.

Many of you fear letting go.

You feel that once you stop clinging to the idea/identity of you (which, at the ego level, is unfortunately so much identified with lower belief and thought forms) it will be like you are drowning in a deep sea of the unknown and you will find yourself desperately trying to swim back to the shores of your unconscious, where the familiarity of your fears get cloaked as safety and security.

And in this level of judgment, you will stay unconscious.
You will continue to opt-in to the illusion of separation.
You will consistently mis-align your vibration with what you wish to create in 3D and feel like what you want is located somewhere outside of you.

But when you become courageous, empty yourself of what YOU ARE NOT and surrender to the blessed void, something magical happens with the entire process of CREATION-- and I mean the YOU that you are able to create now that you've liberated yourself from your old program and everything that you wish to create that supports this new you.

You send all the power to the Now Moment because you've stopped believing that there's a "race" to get to 5D.


You finally realize that 5D not a location, rather it's a vibration.

You're not longing for a higher timeline because you're running from your painful 3D reality anymore.

You're engaging in new behaviors that now anchor you in the light of a higher timeline.

And now all the tools and technologies and ways of being that resonate only in the vessel of these higher timelines are available to you.

Without resistance.

You can access increasingly elevated timelines of 5D and beyond. From this perspective, you can:

~ accelerate manifesting and healing abilities

~ use a tool for healing that alleviates Ascension Symptoms

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~ use a tool for healing that accelerates healing in yourself and your clients eliminating any physical, spiritual or emotional crisis

~ orient your physical being to receive more cosmic codes of ascension during dreamtime AND sleep better as you do it

~ access higher timelines of 5, 6, 7D and beyond

~ jump timelines

~ work with your etheric blueprint to heal and upgrade your human body... and much more

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