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Genius Fractal
Group Program

"To be fully embodied in your SPECIALNESS is to be part of a sequence of unlocking the 'future' Unity Event. We must complete this phase in order to graduate into the next one.
It's why we need everyone operating in their highest Genius Frequency so that

everyone is special.

It's so that, eventually, nobody can be. Because that word will have no meaning anymore if the whole collective has risen beyond it." ~ Genius Fractal


Whatever is not working or keeping you stuck is begging for a deeper look.

Your life deserves your full attention.

Your life’s work deserves your full attention.

Any shadow that is holding back your greatest gifts, your brilliant genius is just another form of your power, waiting to be transmuted from a lower creational force to a higher one.

It is the dark mirror in the double helix of your own DNA.

Code that is written as the human experience of duality.

Contrast that needs to be re-written to reflect its higher counterpart and ideal so that you can realize your higher counterpart and Ideal Self.

From this version of you, your vision and deeds aren’t bound to the hard-driving, never-enoughness of your ego.

If you are here as a Sacred Agitator, Visionary, New Earth Ambassador and you know your deeper WHY behind doing what you do, I know this

about you...

When the majority of people are headed in one direction, you are keenly aware that you would rather break off and head the other way, YOUR own way, even when ‘good sense’ would dictate not to.

This is the condition of the Visionary, Luminary, Mystic, Sacred Agitator, Innovator and Paradigm Disruptor.

You require a depth of inner Core Stability and inner resolve in order to hold your light and Genius Gifts unwaveringly in a world that would like to stay stuck in the old paradigms running on fear and shadow.

And you may also be suffering under this illusion. I know I was...

You think because you’re an outlier, you feel like you’re a misfit and you have to go it alone, remain misunderstood and unsupported in your quest to make the world a better place than you found it.

Nope. You absolutely fit in...

...with other women who question everything, accept nothing at face value, have zero fucks for the normal, the conventional, the acceptable, and hold a palpable resonance with a better vision for the evolution of humanity.


Your genius is a form of rebellion, a liberation from the illusion of security and safety of mediocrity. You are here at this time to radiate your true magnetism and exquisiteness.

Mediocrity-- compromising your true nature as a Fractal of Genius in the cosmic hologram of quantum consciousness blocks the blossoming of Consciousness knowing itself through the Gift of You in your FULFILLMENT.

The endless florescence and bounteousness of ALL LIFE depends upon your contribution to it.

Compromising your true nature serves the societal status quo and inhibits you from being the hero of your own breakout story.

For all true Innovators, Radical Dreamers, Metaphysical Mavericks and Sacred Agitators here to make things possible that others say CANNOT BE, this must be unlearned, unwound and disentangled from your story.

This takes some bravery...

Coming face to face with everything that you may think is NOT your natural magnetism, dynamism and currency of genius is confronting, to say the least.

It takes some grit, courage and bold decision-making to choose to unravel this.

And yet, even the most initially unwilling participants in this quest have become the most intrepid and dedicated explorers of what further gifts their Shadow has been hiding from them shortly after they begin this revelatory work.

It's intoxicating, you see.

The journey of knowing the Truth of yourself.

Once you start, you don't want to stop.

Unwinding the stories and the facades you've held yourself hostage to for decades is a lesson in vulnerability--which is actually your greatest strength when doing this work of transmuting your Shadow into a fuller version of your Gift and your Genius.

The first attempts at leaning into and showcasing these gifts are going to be wobbly, at best.

Until you find your new legs with this version of you and hit your stride.

So, you must be vigilant and protect this new integration of powerful life force energy moving through you at all costs.

The old darkness, the old story of you is sneaky and tries to lure you into sleepy ambivalence.

The shadow will try to tell you that even the smallest act of self-love doesn't matter.

You have to learn to tell that voice to Fuck Off.

All the hidden agendas of your ego, as seductively convincing as they may seem, can never keep you from the Truth that you are a fractal of the Genius of Source, the ONE Consciousness experiencing itself through the expression of YOU, right here, right now.

You might know this.

But are you BEING this?

Many of you reading this are at a natural point of transition, a place of pivoting.

And you KNOW it.

You've known it for a while now.

You're wondering... "How do I cut through all of the noise of this marketplace and find a pathway that suits me, a mentor or guide who suits me, and the most efficient way to unlock my innate gifts and my inherent Genius and Dynamic Nature in a short

amount of time?"

That's what Genius Fractal is designed to do.

genius fractal embodiment.png

Genius Fractal is a 4-Week intensive and comprehensive group program to discover your genius path through your prime gifts of Purpose, Radiance, Evolution and Life's Work. 

It's a Paradigm Shift into a Consciousness State where you no longer view your life and life's work through the PROBLEM of you.

You can only see opportunities for greater shifts through the lens of you as the SOLUTION, living as the END RESULT of BEING that you desire.

Your desired Future Self pulls you forward like a vacuum if there's enough attention and momentum behind it from WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

In Genius Fractal, it is so much more than discovering and contemplating your higher gifts through the profile of the Gene Keys and Genius Activation Path.

It is also a map with keys you get to decode.


Through this self-illumination, you are navigating and transmuting your challenges into your greatest breakthroughs.

And what are breakthroughs? Paradigm Shifts.

Greater potentials REALIZED and ACTUALIZED.

And here's the straight dope on all who identify as being Maverick Creators, Visionaries, Innovators and Forward-Thinkers who teach about leadership.

We are ALL still actively learning and expanding into being the best at what we teach.

Leadership, especially in the New Earth paradigm of Unity and Collaboration is in a constant dynamic state of evolution.

So, in the spirit of contribution, collaboration, cooperation and Unity, through our diversity of individual learning curves we ARE TEACHING EACH OTHER AS WE GO.


One members' breakthrough becomes EVERYONE'S breakthrough!

THAT is the spirit of Genius Fractal.

That is the active energy and driving force of this group.

Each teaching of this group program gets to be better and better every time I share it BECAUSE of that energy of collaboration while we integrate more of our individual genius into this collective journey.

Enrollment is closed until July 9th, but here's why you want to join now for our next round starting on Tuesday, July 30th.

~ Because doubting your greatness and hiding your genius from the world innovates and contributes absolutely nothing to the people who need your help NOW.

~ Because Fear is a lens that keeps your energy faithful to an unwanted future for you and your life's work.

~ Because you LOVE what you do, it feels NATURAL TO WHO YOU ARE. It feels like a mission and up until now, you've been treating it as a job instead of a SOUL CALLING.

~ Because you must make a strong foundation out of your Genius Authenticity so you can stimulate and innovate the growth you want to nudge forward into the world without leaking your energy to scarcity, fear of change, fear of judgment and doubt of your own gifts, talents and New Earth leadership.

~ Because you get access to all future teachings of Genius Fractal and our private group community of support through 2024.


**Each live round of this program is open to a limited number of participants.

In addition to our 4 weekly live calls, there is a High-Touch, Explorer Tier Option.

CLICK HERE to see availability for this option.

~ Discover your genius path through your prime gifts of Purpose, Radiance, Evolution and Life's Work.

~ Breakthrough your greatest challenges and shadow keeping you from expressing your prime gifts in your highest timeline now.

~ Break the spell of what is keeping your from allowing, accepting and embracing your Genius and release the hold your sensations of fear, sadness and anger have on your body and keep looping you back into your Shadow Frequency.

~ Develop Core Stability by grounding the full potency of your Genius Frequency without the need to sabotage or reject it because it feels too big or unsafe.

~ De-condition the old behavioral and mental programs that lock you down into compromise, mediocrity and conformity to acceptable norms so you can open yourself up to innovate and create your genius freely.

~ Explore your creative liberation and Core Being by living 'selfishly' inside of your Prime Gift Frequency. You must know, love and feel safe to share your own individuality through your pristine gifts and talents before you can unleash them on the world as intended. Your purpose catalyzes a wave of innovation you create along with others, collaborating in a collective Genius Frequency.

~ Learn to own, without fear, your own personal style-- you being YOURSELF without concern. Anything less blocks your genius fractal from collaborating with Source in purity. *Surrender to this and everything unlocks. Re-foundation yourself in true Wealth Consciousness.

~ Grow your inner radiance and vitality by becoming 'unused' by the world. Stop feeding the already dismantling societal systems and structures with your energy and starve them of your attention so you become more and more safe and grounded in your unique Genius Frequency in your body.

~ Become a beacon of light and lead the charge of the New Heterarchical Leadership Paradigm-- one that encourages collaboration and cooperation instead of comparison and competition. *When you and everyone else are operating inside of The Genius Frequency, there is plenty of everything for everyone to go around. Lack mentality is no longer a trigger or a default way of being. Contributing to life in your highest possible frequency is celebrated and rewarded in benefits that pay out over time.

Here's what members already have to say about Genius Fractal....

"I love my Siddhis and recognize many of them as qualities of my soul I’ve had awareness of (to varying degrees) or that others have seen in me. There’s validation in seeing some of the qualities I may have not been owning or convinced of listed here. It’s a rich tapestry of all that I Am."

"I can feel good knowing that in each moment I am impactful and feel that state in my BEINGNESS without the NEEDINESS.
This truly IS building greater self-trust and capacity to be more receptive to life and what I want to create and experience. If nothing outside of me has the power to make me feel either delighted or disgusted with myself, it takes the pressure off of the idea of success/failure and there is no reason to fear outcomes."

"I recognize that where my ego is judging the perceived lack of success in my life on its terms-up until now- I wasn't truly ready to be the steward of my gifts or even my shadow, in the ways that are necessary for the sustainable and meaningful impact I am here to influence and inspire. And I recognize where I am already impactful as I continue unwinding and allowing naturalness of being."

"This is so POWERFUL, thank you!! Here are just some of the amazing tidbits:

I'm not here for just a LITTLE leadership! The rescue I'm waiting for is disentangling from my own web of my creation. Realize that I AM the great thing that happens-instead of waiting FOR the great thing to happen! I'm the voice that conveys the message of my heart and know that I already AM that. I assume the state and the means will supply themselves. BE the emanation!"

"The ego mind is starting to relax around feeling f*cking ecstasy, love, playful & the exquisiteness of life."

"I reread my life’s work and did a second spell break for that shadow. Then I relistened to my challenge pathway recording and I felt a shift regarding the shadow, particularly the comment of the addiction to thinking inside my comfort zone up until now."

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Next four-week program starts July 30, 2024.

Tuesdays at 1 pm PST.

Enrollment now includes extended access to our online group community and all teachings of this program through 2024.

Two Tier Investments available.

Unlock my Genius Level $1111

 Explorer Tier (High-touch mentoring with custom guidance on navigating your Challenge Pathway in order to elicit your next greatest breakthrough and Paradigm Shift. Personalized recording and 1:1 call.)


See all options and join below.

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