The Lotus Throne
 Accelerator Group for the Visionary Woman

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Vision without actualization is just scenery.


Visionary energy is something you hold and cultivate in order to build an alternate reality.

It is the catalyst for all innovation.


The alternate reality you are building is still missing some of the finer points and details, but that's OK.


Because you KNOW you hold the codes for true change within you. You know you're meant to be a healthy agitator of the old ways of doing things.

Maybe you haven't yet made peace with the strange beauty of your unconventional wisdom and brought forth all your courage to make your vision whole.

You already feel like you're living in an alternate reality, however.

Your energy is invested elsewhere.

You are IN this world, but not necessarily OF IT.


You have it all in you.

The ascension codes for your uplevel are ready to be unlocked.

The ideas, inspiration and vision that is unique to you and how you show up in the world-- no one can give that to you.

You have to tap into it.

When you do, the latent skills, talents and abilities that have culminated in your energy field over many lifetimes and timelines culminate into your NOW and become fully expressed gifts that support you and those you serve.

Dear fellow visionary, you are being guided to acknowledge and feed your Divine Soul Light more deeply than ever before.

It is time to trust in your heart that you are here to make a unique impact on the world that ONLY YOU can deliver.

You are closer now to your own divine wisdom than you have
ever been.

It's time to work with a catalyzing force of guidance who can help you to bring your big visions to life and keep you accountable on your path of exploration and expansion.

Like the ever-unfolding petals of the lotus, you are evolving and expanding into a greater expression of your truth, vision, gifts and your majesty.


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Your inner visionary is becoming stronger and she's restless, ready for the next steps of expansion.

You've been feeling for too long that the light and wisdom of others is more powerful than your own.

It's time to seat yourself on the throne of your own spiritual authority and be the feminine force of change and impact that changes the lives of others.

It's time to follow the wisdom and guidance that's already in your heart and know the fullness of this expression with the help of a visionary alchemist and passage creator who is here to support you in bringing your big vision to life.

The Lotus Throne Accelerator for the Woman Visionary is a catalyst and accelerator for you to craft and actualize your unique vision for your life and business in aiding the healing paths of others.

~ Idea and Content Generation, Light Code Activation and Shadow Healing, Intuitive and Emotional Mastery, Building of Confidence, Belief, Courage and Clarity as you Focus on FLOW with
Source Connection.

~ Two private coaching sessions - one for each month of
the mastermind.

This group is open to 5 women only.

Who is this Accelerator for?

~ Women who recognize that they're already offering a high level of service as someone who is able to hold a lot of energetic space in integrity for the transformation of self and others.

~ Women who KNOW and BELIEVE in their heart and soul that they are here to do things differently.

~ Women who greatly desire to be a catalyst for change on the planet and aren't afraid to boldly bring their vision to life (a program, a modality, a book, a teaching, a music composition or any other artform that assists the healing and growth of others), even if it looks like nothing else out there.

~ Women who don't resonate with the collective fear of systems and structures breaking down in our current collapsing timeline, but rather see this auspicious time on Earth as an opportunity to build a better way of being that benefits the highest good of all.

~ Women who are willing to embrace change and taking risks in order to bring their sacred vision to life.

~ Women who want to cultivate and strengthen their power as visionary leaders and bolster their emotional intelligence and mental resilience in order to meet the challenges of doing things that are unconventional.

~ Women who are self-led and understand that results are 100% dependent on effort, participation and accountability and are willing to make the work we do together in this space a priority.

~ Women who are willing to compassionately witness and support the other women on their journeys in this intimate group.

9 Week Program.
We meet Tuesdays and Fridays starting August 23rd.

Light and Shadow energetic support and raising the resonance of your visionary gifts on Tuesdays.

Integration and Growth/ Accountability on building your sacred vision on Fridays.

Investment is $1999 or
2 payments of

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