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Notes on Ascension

~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness and

The Great Earth Experiment of Spiritual Awakening ~

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Your Breakdown is Actually Your Breakthrough

"You only think you're breaking down because of all the things going wrong.


What's really happening is a program of you crumbling as a result of your upgrading frequency.

The newly installed energetic signature of you is re-negotiating (on your highest behalf) an entirely new and more preferable reality.

The former version of you is being de-cluttered, deconstructed, dismantled and dissolved in order to make way for the ideal version of you that is emerging-- undisturbed by unwelcome contrast and distortion of the old energetic imprints of lack, limitation, separation, longing, and unfulfilled ways of being.

This is spiritual awakening.

This is the remembering that you are already healed and whole.

This transition provides you with a whole new emotional training ground that is helping you establish your most divine incarnation of self yet-- setting the needle to your new normal of accessing your timeline for your highest good AND the highest timeline for all.

Be patient and forgiving of yourself as you learn these new rules of engagement with being conscious and woke.

You are coming apart and coming together all at once as you evolve

as a divine human.

You will grieve for lost parts of self as you disengage from the old reality matrix of you-- even if you didn't like it very much.

This is normal.

This is ego fear.

Pay no attention to that former attachment and identity of self.

It was you convincing yourself that you’re not WHOLE and COMPLETE. It was only a stage of BECOMING.

Who you are BECOMING is more beautiful than you could ever imagine, or in the perspective of the former YOU, even dare to believe was possible.

If you simply accept the messiness of this process of awakening as a testament to your RESISTANCE to it in some way, you will unveil everything that

is causing the resistance.

You will call home the dis-inherited parts of self you've been unwilling to consciously explore.

You will begin to excavate the catacombs of your unconscious, uncovering what was fragmented and slowly merge it back into wholeness."

~Excerpt from the book, Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness and The Great Earth Experiment of Spiritual Awakening.

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