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DNA Restructuring and Gene Key Decoding

  • 2 hours
  • 1,795 US dollars
  • Remote Activation and Zoom Call

Service Description

DNA and Gene Keys Activation of Instruction Codes for Life Radiance, Purpose, Abundance and Impact. This is where Life sprouts with tendrils of fresh spring green and the Celestial Fire in the cauldron of your Solar Plexus boils over with the will to really LIVE LIFE differently, bravely, audaciously, with new inspiration, creativity, eagerness and passion for the uncertain but infinite potentials ahead of you. Two Hour Session. 48 Strand DNA Activation & Restructuring Session. Your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile is decoded and activated. This takes place over one week of remote activation. We meet on a 2 hour Zoom call after that. ~ Multi-strand and interdimensional DNA vortex alchemy. Redresses and restructures the 4-body system-- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. ~ Gene Keys Activation Sequence. Integration of unveiled DNA gifts into the Bioenergetic Field and reversing the distorted current of the Shadow Body. ~ Regulates and re-directs the organic biofield to optimal functioning. ~ Time locks of looped consciousness are broken and are re-routed to your highest timelines of prosperity. ~ Your outer world begins to reflect the congruent and balanced energy within you. ~ Psychic gifts are once again allowed to flourish, undistorted by the Shadow Body. ~ The body feels much lighter yet stronger and more energized than ever before. ~ Life takes on a different hue. You feel available and present and more confident. New opportunities 'find' you and you feel more adventurous to explore them. ~ The adversity and contrast of life act more like breadcrumbs, letting you know that change is inevitable, welcome, and more thrilling now because you know it will equate to growth. This journey isn't for everyone. This session hacks your current level of Consciousness, breaking through very deep levels of programming and conditioning that is personal, societal, structural, ancestral, financial, conscious and unconscious.

Contact Details

+ 415-264-2729

Fraser St, Bellingham, WA 98229, USA

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