Do, Have, Repeat

Get up, go to work, do work, go to bed, get up. Start project, finish project, start another project.

This is a cycle of creation that many of us have adopted, sometimes without question. In American culture, we've grown up with the idea that to achieve is a mark of our character. We have a seemingly endless list of things to do on a daily basis, often with very little down- time in between tasks. Living is doing and achieving.


Our culture is very goal oriented. Doing nothing is frowned upon. Somehow you are deficient if you're not actively producing something. You you can HAVE. Do-Have. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Not only is this depressing, it is defeatist.


What if I told you that there's real value in doing nothing? That's right. Nothing.


There's a key part of the cycle of creation that we are sorely missing and we are energetically paying the price for it. By the cycle of creation I mean the cycle of taking energetic action to create (Do) so that that creation can manifest (Have) in your physical world. The material projection of your energetic output is your creation; whether it be a paycheck, a blueprint for a building, a cake, a fabulous meal, a new application or operating system, or a manuscript. Do-Have, Do-Have.


Where on this cycle are you taking a break from manifestation to get inspiration?


When are you unplugging and going inward for guidance?


At what point do you hit the reset button, re-energizing your spirit by just BEING?



To just BE is to do nothing. Stop everything. Turn off the phone, the computer, the television. Surrender to nothing, even if it is just for a few minutes each day. Breathe deeply. Meditate. Take a walk in nature. Stare out the window. Nothing is calling to you, inviting you to go inward. The emptiness is beckoning.To BE is an opportunity to return to spirit, to drop into the present moment. Move away from the ego mind of the subconscious and enter the higher frequency realm of the superconscious.


When we can let go and surrender to nothing, the emptiness, we replenish our energy. When we can dissolve the energy of attachment that we feel after we have manifested our goals and return to Source, we renew our resources. From this place of renewed spirit and energies, we truly create with the cooperation of divine inspiration.The boomerang cycle of Do-Have is a guaranteed recipe for emotional, physical, and spiritual burnout.


When you set your goal for achieving or manifesting something, no matter what it is, start the process inspired. Allow time to just BE. Turn inward for counsel from your own intuition. Allow it to guide you. Be open to whatever information may come up. The subtle energy of your inner voice can only be heard when you tune out distractions in the physical world and align with your higher self. Get quiet and listen.


It only takes a little bit of practice to get used to tuning out and going in.Once you have manifested your goal, allow time to just BE once again. Try not to attach to your manifestations in an energetic sense. Recognize the period of time after manifesting as the end of a process; a time to renew, move back to Source, back to BEING, before beginning the creation cycle anew.


Balancing DOING and CREATING with BEING will always provide you with a renewed and refreshed energy store for whatever work is required to co-create your next masterpiece with assistance from your higher self.


As you practice more and more awareness of where you are on the creation cycle, you’ll know when you're just going back and forth from Do to Have. There are energetic clues that show up, telling you when to let go, disengage from the cycle and dissolve the energy back to just BEING.You will feel like nothing works; you’re fed up and impatient, you feel pulled in too many directions, you feel rigid, stubborn, disinterested, exhausted, confused, unmotivated. It doesn’t mean it’s time for a Red Bull. These are all signs to just stop. Stop your cycle of Do-Have.


I know it’s difficult. It’s been a familiar pattern or so long. You’re battling the fear-based subconscious here. How will I pay my bills if I just stop? How can I take a break? There’s no time! The ego mind will always want to argue with this. But if you soften your gaze and look at the big picture of where you are energetically, it will be clear that it’s time to just stop. Just BE.Once you make it a priority to balance the creation cycle between Be-Do-Have, you learn to energize from within, renew resources so that you're firing on all cylinders, nourish on a spiritual level and thus, engage in your daily life full of inspiration, love, compassion, and joy.



Love and Light-




Kathryn Mussell is an Abundance Creation Coach, empath, writer, energy healer, and public speaker.


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