Re-Ignite Your Inner Pilot Light


We all have the light within - the One Light, the inner flame that is our essence. It is the light that unifies us all, as it is Source. Whatever Source means for each of us individually, it always holds the same core truth. It is where we come from, who we truly are, and the place to which we ultimately return.


It is difficult in the technological age, in which we are now so deeply entrenched, to wrap our minds around this ultimate truth of the One.


One Source, One Mind, One Consciousness takes on a different meaning in this age. The idea of a "global community" often feels like nothing more than a trite marketing gimmick, designed to make us feel that we are all connected and accessible to each other in every living, breathing moment, regardless of distance or time zones. The reality is such that the ego consciousness presides over this false idea of Oneness. We are immersed in our own world. We are consumed by our gadgetry. Smart phones and personal computers are a constant distraction. Looking up from a consuming text on the phone in order to cross a busy street is often too much of a bother.


Expressing ourselves is now accomplished through the use of social media. So much content! And such little substance.


We are missing out on the world around us - in its rich tones and hues, high- def, 3D, striking contrast of people, places, and things. We have opted out of interaction with what is right in front of us. The virtual has deposed the veritable.


Meanwhile, we are dimming the flame within. We may not even feel its presence anymore. If we tend the flame with our mere attention to it, the feeling of it, we can ignite it once more.


There are ways in which to stoke this flame everyday. We can tune in to the deepest part of ourselves. If we can tune out the virtual world for even ten minutes a day and observe the silence within, we miraculously achieve a synergy with the Divine. We align in a very short time with our Higher Self if we can let go of distraction long enough.


This practice of tuning in and letting go quickly allows a cascade effect of positive influence in our lives. We enter into a state of gratitude for those things which add true value to our lives. We listen more closely, we see more clearly. We shift our perspective. Meaningful coincidences start to occur. The situations or things that we focus upon and desire in the deepest part of our authentic selves start to take physical form. We start to SEE others around us with fresh eyes allowing interaction to become familiar and comfortable once again.


All the while, the One Light dances happily within. The flame has been stoked and fed like a fire in a roaring hearth, welcoming you home.


By the way, the irony is not lost on me that I wrote this post on my PC and you are probably reading this on your cell phone.


Love and Light,




Want to practice tuning in to your inner guidance? Listen to the "Tuning In" Free Guided Meditation HERE



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