You In Your You-ness


You are not perfect. You will never do it all. You are never finished.


There, we got that out of the way. Depending on the kind of outlook you have on life, that either bums you out or liberates you.


But... there is only one you. There will never be another you. If there ever was another one just like you, there would be no reason for you to be here.


Your less than perfect moments, as well as your accomplishments- they are yours but they don't define you. The journey defines you.  What you choose to either discard or hold dear along the way defines you.


Now that you know you will never get it right, never finish it, and never be perfect, you are free to expand in your YOU-ness.


Life is always full of things that will trip you up but they'll give you a unique opportunity to grow in the knowledge of your own self. You get to see who you really are in the face of conflict or adversity. You'll also get to see how your energy expands in light to the world around you when you're full of joy.


You are on your own unique path. It is laid out for you and only you.


That is why it is so important to look inward for solutions to life's challenges using your own spiritual navigation, your intuition. There are many well meaning advice givers in your life that are always happy to offer insight into YOUR problem or challenge, whether you solicit their opinion or not.


Truth is, only YOU know what is best for YOU. Take the advice in stride. After all, maybe additional insight or input from a different perspective is helpful. The answer already exists within you, if you tune in to it.


Guidance from your intuition is a subtle energy. It is quiet and is best heard or realized when you are quiet. When you routinely allow the mind and body to be in stillness, you receive more messages from your own inner guidance. You have a gut feeling, a sense that you just "know", or you hear soft words just before drifting off to sleep that offer a solution to what you've been puzzling over for days. It is all part of your intuition, your innermost sense that guides you on the path to your highest good.


When you tune into this subtle energy more and more, happy coincidences start to take place. When moving forward on your path through life, obstacles seem to fall away. The highest part of yourself - your inner wisdom is no longer riding shotgun to the ego mind, it's now driving the bus.


Get to know yourself- and enjoy the ride!


Love and Light,




Kathryn is an Intuitive Mentor and Mindset Coach, empathic energy healer and author, and Spiritual Growth Catalyst.


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