Are You In The Way of Your Own Truth?



Hello Gentle Readers.


I just want to say welcome back to my blog and thank you for reading. It means a lot to have you read what I have written. I hope somewhere in these posts, some truth will unveil itself to you.. if not The Truth. Your Truth.


What do I mean when I refer to your Truth? I suppose that can be very subjective as it may mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean true life purpose. For others, it means following their bliss or passion in this life, which is actually your purpose.  It may even mean finding your alignment with your higher self or Source energy, in whatever form that may take. For the purpose of what I mean to convey in this post, let's say I'm talking about your reason for being here on this plane of existence, right here, right now.


I know what some of you are thinking. Just being here on this planet, sifting through the sensory overload of information and juggling the many tasks we must tackle in our daily lives seems ominous enough. Now you have to actually figure out why you're here to boot? Well...yes, you do. If somewhere, deep down inside yourself, you feel that you are not the sum total of all the tasks you have to complete in a day, then please keep reading. If you feel there is much more of the Real You yet to be revealed, then please take a moment to breathe deep and open your heart and mind to some Truth.


In your infinite nature, as spirit currently in human form, you are an energetic force in the universe. You come from Source and you will return to it. Once you have completed what it is you must do here, on this planet, at this time, in this body, you will return to Source.


I choose to see our time here as a split between two options.


Option #1- I can live my life by default, always taking the safe route, never taking chances, following the leader, keeping my head down so I'm not seen or heard or felt, not creating a commotion or rocking the boat because I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or make anyone uncomfortable.


Option #2- I can choose to stand in my own power, make my voice heard, get a little dirty, take risks, throw my energy around a little bit, change my mind, say NO, Say YES, peer into the dark and scary corners, stir the pot, invite a little danger, and challenge some minds. The second option seems much more appealing and exciting. Sounds like unpredictable outcomes galore!


For many of us, the first option is the safe choice. Even though there is plenty of room for things to go haywire when choosing Option #1, the danger seems less likely. We perceive less of a risk here because the default setting of our brains is to overestimate threats and to underestimate opportunities.


It's not totally our fault. Biology is against us here.


Rick Hanson, Ph.D. writes in his book, "Hardwiring Happiness" that we have a "negativity bias."  We are actually programmed in our 10,000 year-old brain to still think that it is better to assume that "there's a tiger in the bushes waiting to kill us, then taking precautions so that we don't die, rather than to assume there is no tiger and be caught off-guard once he does reveal himself, sealing our fate." Once the neural connection is made that potential danger lurking in unseen places can mean death, the choice for self-preservation informs the decision-making process going forward. Danger=Bad from that moment on. To confirm the belief in negative outcomes in order to keep safe, we find further evidence to support them, even when there is more evidence available to support a potentially positive outcome.  It would seem that we have a biological reason for our attempts at self-sabotage.


When we fast forward to our modern era, our daily routine finds us being regularly overwhelmed by perceived threats, wasting valuable energy and creating undue stress. In deciding between what might feel right or true versus what feels safe, we are using fear to inform our choices, potentially cutting us off from a life that could be more fulfilling. Take a deep breath here. That's a lot to process.


The bright side of all of this brings me back to something I touched on in an earlier post. Having this knowledge creates awareness.


Now that you are aware of this process, will you opt for Option #1 or Option #2 to inform your choices going forward?


Maybe it would be helpful to ask the universe or your higher self what is there to fear in trying to find your Truth? Perhaps an option would be to take a baby step to test the waters here. Make a short list of what brings you joy. In this list, what stands out the most? How could you do a little of this everyday or a few times a week? Think of it as a gift to yourself to allow for a small change to lighten the heaviness of what you feel you must do in your day for you and everyone else. Also, take a little time to congratulate yourself for those times you did make a choice that felt scary or unsafe, but it actually turned out to be just fine. How did it feel to know you made a choice because you FELT it was the right thing to do?


In the next post, Thank You!, I will offer a suggestion on how to lighten your spirit a bit everyday, helping you to align with an energy of gratitude for all the positive gifts in your life, instead of focusing on the negative. Until then...


Love and light-





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