Thank You!


Thank you.


Two little words that can carry a lot of energy.


When you take a quick emotional inventory after someone says this to you, you feel lighter.


Now think of a moment when someone has said a sincere Thank You to you. You felt lighter. Even thinking back to the moment it happened makes you feel lighter. The benefit of coming from a place of gratitude heightens your awareness and gives your energy a boost. It's difficult to feel angry or frustrated while in a state of gratitude. The higher frequency vibration of the latter cancels out the former.


So what happens when you start a massive campaign of gratitude for all of the blessings in your life? Think again of that moment of saying Thank You and multiply that feeling x100, x1000, x1,000,000.


When I perform what I like to call a "Cascade of Gratitude," I feel purged of whatever is currently eating away at me . I create a checklist of all of the things I'm grateful for in my life and thank the universe for them one by one.


The picture above shows a very pooped out 8 month old puppy named Finn. This is the infinite being currently in dog form who is teaching me about patience. He is on my gratitude checklist everyday. In those moments I am absolutely ready to tear my hair out from all of his rambunctious puppy energy, I thank him. I am grateful to his spirit for helping me to learn patience. If I choose to see a potentially upsetting situation as an opportunity to grow and learn, that feels lighter. I can change my energy accordingly.


Are you ready to introduce your own Cascade of Gratitude into your life? Think of it as a great way to start your day and to bless and energize it with positivity.


If you run out of things to be thankful for, (but you won't) you can always thank Finn for me. Thank you!


Here's to endless gratitude and infinite blessings-





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