Don't Forget to Breathe


OK, this seems like a fairly simple thing to remember. Just breathe. Inhale, exhale.


How hard is it to remember to do something that is a major function of the autonomic nervous system? It's a function the body performs without conscious effort, right?


It's true... until we find ourselves in moments of stress where we actually hold our breath. Often, we don't even realize we're doing it.  When we feel some form of stress or perceived threat, we may involuntarily restrict our normal breathing process, creating undue tension in the whole body.  This sets off a cascade of events in the body system as a whole, creating tension of the muscles and interrupting the flow of energy throughout the body to all tissues and organs. Restricted or impaired breathing may have detrimental effects on the hormonal and immune systems as well.


The stress and tension felt by many of us throughout the day, every day, can be extremely overwhelming if we let it run us off the rails. However, when you take the time to tune in to your body often during each day, stopping everything for a few seconds to take a few deep breaths, you cleanse and heal the body with your breath and you hit the restart button. 


Doesn't that sound delightful?


It's incredibly easy and fast to set your whole body system back to neutral. What you do in the next few moments is another thing entirely....but I would bet you'd want to stay in that calm and relaxed state you just self-induced. I would also bet that you would want to have that same calm and relaxed state mirrored back to you in every one you meet each day.


But wait, there's more... If you act now, you also create AWARENESS. Total bonus, just for showing up and making the effort. That's right!


From the second you take that deep, calming, nourishing breath and restart your body system, you have a unique opportunity to drop in and check on everything else that's going on. This means taking inventory of yourself internally, your immediate surroundings, who you are with, where you are... the list goes on. By electing to be fully conscious of your inner and outer worlds, (and this needn't take more than about 15 seconds) several times throughout the day, as you take a few deep relaxing breaths, you can create a quick assessment of the quality of your experiences.


Your awareness of a situation, any situation, has value that you either welcome or reject.


Are you experiencing something that you wish to continue? Or are you experiencing something that is unacceptable? Once you have made your assessment from a calm state of mind, being fully aware of your situation, what action will then be taken to move yourself forward in a positive way?


All of this may seem quite elementary but the reality of our daily lives is such that we are programmed more for reaction rather than thoughtful action. When we can come from a place of peace and calm in our minds and bodies, we naturally make choices that move us forward in the world that serve us, and others, in an enlightened way.


Blessings on the planet and every being on it.




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