Energy Is The Commerce of the Universe


What is the driving force behind it all?




It moves you, moves through you, and comes from you. You are always giving it. You are always receiving it.


It may overwhelm you at times or it may lift you up and make your heart soar. Without a doubt, energy is in constant motion. It is creation and destruction and everything in between.


I find sometimes that people do not like to talk about energy. Somehow it is too ethereal or intangible to discuss the essence of the creation of every single moment. For some reason it is uncomfortable to talk about energy and to then understand that every single thing in this universe exists because of it, including you.


So here's the real deal about energy. When you make the decision to accept energy as a tangible force in the universe, one that can become your best friend, or your worst enemy, you have elected to be on the path to shifting ANYTHING in your life that no longer serves you.


You begin to understand that YOU are an active force in your own life. You can decide what energies you want to surround you and what people you surround yourself with that exhibit those energies. You can decide what energies you will put forth. With what energy frequency will you communicate with the world around you? High vibrational energies that send a message of love and highest good for everyone you interact with in your day? Or will your actions come from lower energies on the vibrational scale? Will you project emotions and behaviors that reflect a sense of lack, fear, mistrust, or competition for what it is that you want in your life?


Is this something that you think about in your day, every day? If not, why? What if you adopted the idea that you have everything to gain by examining what energy you project in each moment of your day upon every single person you encounter?


What would your life be like everyday and how would the cumulative results of this action affect your life now.. at the end of the day... the end of the week... Next year ?


Love and Light,





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