Cutting Energetic and Etheric Cords



So what are energetic and etheric cords?


Basically, a cord is a vibration or connection that becomes energetically attached to your astral body- the body that exists in an energy field that is just outside of your physical body.


A cord attachment becomes a problem when energy is being drained from a person’s chi or life force.


Energetic cords happen when an attachment forms between two (or more) people who have shared an emotional relationship. That is the the most familiar type of cord attachment. But a person can also form an attachment to a place or a thing.


Most commonly, cords are created because of a strong bond. When you were born and the umbilical cord was cut between you and your mother, a strong emotional bond, or cord, continued to exist energetically.


Energetic cords are commonly created between two people involved in a romantic relationship. This bond can be felt as a cord attached to the heart center of both people, but it could also feel like an attachment in the stomach area or even solar plexus. That’s why sometimes after a tumultuous or highly emotional relationship has ended, a strong tie may still exist in the form of an energetic cord.


Unless the cord is severed, the attachment may be felt long after a break-up and it may be difficult to move forward emotionally due to the fact that your energy is draining through the cord attached to the energy of the other person.


When one is attached strongly to a place, a cord can be created. You may find that after a move to a new place, you can’t quite seem to get your bearings in your new location. You can’t stop thinking about where you used to live and how much you loved it, how this new place will never be good enough. It’s possible  you may have formed an energetic cord to your former home. Without cutting this cord, you may find it very difficult to release yourself from these feelings of attachment in order to move forward in your new home.


There are many different types of cords. Besides what I already mentioned, cords can be created between groups of people, friends, families, co-workers. Cords can exist between yourself in this lifetime, or even a former one. Since cords are energetic, they can travel over time and through time.


Energy workers, clairvoyants, empaths and intuitives can often see or feel these energetic cords and are able to work with them in a very tangible way.


When I work with Reiki clients, I can often sense or see the filament-like substance of an energetic cord attached to the body. Using Reiki, it is rather easy to cut and to clear this cord. Even though I can clear the energy of the cord across all lifetimes and dimensions, cords can come back. So I teach my clients how to sense and easily clear these cords on their own until they feel they have broken free of the draining energy.


Even without Reiki, you are able to sever and clear energetic and etheric cords on your own.

You can clear with the help of the Archangels.


With Divine help, you can easily cut and clear energetic cords. There are two Archangels who are particularly helpful in this task.


Archangel Michael, a powerful angel of protection and pure, high vibrational energy helps to cut energetic cords with his sword. I like to think of him as the “bouncer” angel as he is very adept at keeping low frequency energies out of your personal energy field, if you ask for his help.


Archangel Raziel is another high vibrational healing angel who assists in cutting cords across lifetimes and incarnations. It is possible to be attached energetically to a past lifetime where you may have experienced trauma or even taken certain vows of self-denial that keep you energetically stuck in some way in your current incarnation. Once you ask for Raziel’s help, he can remove this energetic attachment for you.


It really doesn’t matter if you believe in the Archangels or not.


When I tell my Reiki clients or Energy Coaching clients that their belief in these entities has no bearing on the help that they can receive, they are often mystified.


It is only important that you ask for help using the power of your free will to consciously intend that help be given from a power that is simply a greater, more profound expression of your personal energy. The power of healing comes from having intention and asking for help.

It is not even important to know what the actual cords may be that are keeping you energetically stuck. When you ask for Divine help, you are surrendering to the wisdom of these high vibrational entities to clear and cut cords that need to be severed and they will do so on behalf of your highest good.


Cutting cords on a regular basis with the help of the Archangels can help to keep your astral body clear of attachments that may be unconsciously draining your energy. Think of it like an auric detox where you can flush your energy field in and around your body.


Steering clear of toxic, dependent or co-dependent relationships is the best preventive tactic to keep energetic cords from forming. If you find yourself in a relationship of any kind that makes you feel needy, anxious or out of control in any way, you may be at risk for forming an unhealthy energetic cord that could drain your personal energy reserves. By practicing awareness, you can strive to keep your energy as clear as possible.


Love and Light,





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