8 Ways To Create and Sustain an Abundance Mindset


First of all…what is an abundance mindset?


An abundance mindset allows you to experience your reality as being full of possibilities and opportunities. Having an abundance mentality is a choice.


In not only seeing, but appreciating the abundance all around you, in the things that you already have, you are energetically aligning with the vibration of abundance, thus attracting more of it to you.


An abundance mindset tends to focus on the long term.


For instance, with this outlook on life, you would see that just because you didn’t get that raise at work, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t ever get it. Or, it might mean that you finally got that push to pursue that job you really wanted at that other great company where you can truly follow your passion.


A scarcity mindset is what a great many of us have become accustomed to. It is important to note that this is also by choice.


The scarcity mindset tends to have a short term focus.


With a scarcity outlook on life, you might feel that once you get your paycheck, you have to spend all of it, before something happens to it, or to you!


I want to talk about the scarcity mindset a bit more broadly here because there is an important aspect to understand as to why we tend to cultivate a scarcity mindset in the first place. I won’t focus on it too much because, well, most of us have focused on scarcity long enough...


We don’t come into this world with a scarcity mindset, we learn it.


We all come from Source Energy, which is infinitely abundant.

When we’re born, we enter this plane from this perspective. As we mature, we quickly learn from our parents, teachers, and any other authority figures that we look up to to “not do that because x will happen”, “don’t say that because y will happen." Not only are we being told “NO”, which forms a limiting pattern of belief, but we are getting a story, an accompanying narrative, for why we shouldn’t do or say something.


When you are creating a supporting narrative or story around a mindset or perspective, it creates a deeper emotional block to allowing yourself to receive abundance. This must be dismantled, the story needs to be removed, before you can fully embody an abundance mindset.


So, for instance, if you grew up with your dad saying constantly, "there’s never enough money, money doesn’t grow on trees, I just can’t get ahead because of the government, because of taxes, because of the kids, because your mom spends too much," and so forth, then you learned from an early age to develop a scarcity mindset and you had a supporting story as to why there was lack.


Subconsciously, you inherit those limiting beliefs, whether you know it or not. So I urge you to take a look at your beliefs as they specifically pertain to your feelings of being in lack or abundance.


Do you really believe them?

Or do you think you inherited them?


Either way, developing an abundance mindset is a practice and also a learned behavior. We were born with it but we un-learned it. We have to learn it again.


So how can you cultivate and sustain an abundance mindset?

There are several ways to do this.

  1. First and foremost, focus on what you do have and be grateful for it! See the blessings and gifts that exist in your life already, instead of focusing on what’s not there. Remember, when you align with the energy of abundance through daily gratitude and appreciation, you’re offering up no energetic resistance or blocks to receiving abundance, so you naturally attract more of it to you!

  2. Create awareness around negative thoughts and patterns of belief, then change the limiting language of negative self-talk or any negative talk in general. Steer clear of negative people and situations that routinely put you in a scarcity mindset where you experience feelings of fear or lack. Watch less of the news. It’s one thing to be informed, but it’s important to create awareness of your mood and emotions when you’re being bombarded by news or social media that has overwhelmingly negative or low energy. This is emotionally draining and does not serve you in any way.

  3. Change your overall focus to see more abundance in the world. Spend more time in nature, near flowing water, or a forest full of healthy trees. There is no better teacher than nature herself to show us what true abundance looks like. Plus, being near a large body of water or in the middle of a forest floor exposes you to negative ions. Since our bodies give off a positive ionic charge, the experience of being in nature creates a natural feeling of balance and harmony.

  4. Look at your life holistically. Break your life down in to these four areas – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - to better examine what’s working for you, or what isn’t. Could you develop better eating habits?                                                                   Higher vibration foods like whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables, purified water and alkalizing green juices lift your energy and provide fuel for the body and mind. Processed foods dull the senses and deplete your energy.                                                  Could you be exercising more? Even if it’s a brisk walk or an afternoon stretch, it allows you to hit the reset button on your energy level. Is meditation something you’d be willing to try to lift your energy level and feed your spirit? It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and tension, slow the heart rate, create better sleep patterns, and boost serotonin levels in the brain, improving mood.                                                                      As you examine each of the four areas more closely, ask yourself what area or areas feel out of sync, or out of balance for you? What single action step could you take to start to bring that area into greater harmony and balance?

  5. Still feeling lack? Be of service, volunteer your time, give some money to a charity. It doesn’t have to be a lot. When you are giving away your most valuable resources like money or time, it’s hard to continue to be in a scarcity mindset. Once you start being of service in this way, it will soon begin to feel like there’s more than enough to go around!

  6. Re-frame the idea of competition as a game of win or lose with a zero sum paradigm. Cultivate a mindset that there’s enough for everybody and plenty to share. Celebrate in the accomplishments and victories of family, friends, and coworkers. Create a vibe of support and be happily surprised when that vibe quickly comes back around to you!

  7. Engage in self-praise. Too often we wait (sometimes forever)for praise, approval and accolades from others, only to find that that waiting is in vain. Don’t wait for, or rely on, outside approval. Know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Say it, write it down and leave notes for yourself. Set an alarm on your phone saying I AM ENOUGH! Use written affirmations of things you are trying to manifest as well! Leave little post it notes on the fridge and on your work desk.

  8. Stop comparing yourself to others. In this age of social media, where the profile of friends is often a Best-of-My-Life highlight reel, we can quickly become very unsatisfied with the way our lives are going. If this tends to bother you, limit your time on social media and lose the feelings of inadequacy and sadness associated with the illusion of these false comparisons.


I hope this has helped you to already experience a shift in perspective so you can create an Abundance Mindset.


It is a daily choice to experience your life either from a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset. If you are able to follow even a few of these tips, you will find that being aligned with abundance stops being something that you do, it becomes who you are.


Blessings, love, and light-










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