Why Counter Intentions Are Stopping Your Flow of Abundance

August 10, 2016


Does this sound familiar?


You've put in your order to the universe, maybe multiple times, thinking you've asked for what you desire with crystal clarity. The universe knows exactly what you want, right? So why isn't the universe delivering the goods?


It could be that your message to the universe is muddled by something called a cross purpose, or counter intention.


A counter intention is a thought or belief that you hold, either subconsciously or unconsciously, that is in direct conflict with another thought or belief that you are trying to create.


Here's an example of what a counter intention used to look like for me. Once upon a time, deep down, I believed that making a lot of money doing energy healing and coaching work was wrong- that it was out of alignment energetically to get rich doing work that I considered to be more spiritual in nature.


At the same time, I knew that I had so much to offer my clients and that I could grow a thriving energy healing business, take care of all of my financial debt within a year of getting my business started, buy a house, write a book(s), and travel constantly, whenever I wanted.


I was practicing affirmations and visualizations galore and taking action on my goals every day but I was left scratching my head, wondering where the heck I was going wrong?


It wasn't until I did some deeper work on myself with energy clearing, and opening myself up more to intuitive guidance, that I realized I was self-sabotaging my manifesting efforts with the conflicting beliefs that I held concerning my feelings of deserving wealth and abundance.


After this AHA moment, I vowed to weed out and banish ALL of my counter intentions for good.


The most helpful practice for me involved saying energy clearing statements to myself, out loud, while performing EFT tapping to clear the negative emotions that would sometimes be triggered when I said certain statements.


For example, I would say, "Anywhere I feel I don't deserve total financial abundance, I cancel, clear and delete that now.  Anywhere I think making a lot of money doing spiritual work is wrong or bad, cancel, clear, delete.  Anywhere I feel I can't be spiritual and be rich at the same time, I cancel, clear, delete." I would repeat variations on these statements while tapping on the EFT pressure points until the energy around what I was saying felt lighter and clearer.


Then I would start making my affirmations while still tapping, saying things like, 


"I am completely and totally supported and cared for by the universe. All of my financial needs are met. I allow abundance to flow freely to me in all ways."


I did this, and continue to do this every day. My script changes, depending on how I feel and what I'm currently trying to manifest.


Taking the time to sit quietly and go inward to discover your deeply held beliefs about what you can have, what you are allowing for yourself, and what you've internalized about what you've been told you can have or what you're worth can be a real eye-opener.  The upshot of doing this inner work is that you can uncover that little nugget of resistance that's probably been responsible for stopping the universal flow of abundance that is destined for you.


Love and light-




Kathryn Mussell is an Abundance Creation Coach, empath, and energy healer.



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