Partner with Your Intuition and Plug In to The Flow of the Universe

August 13, 2016


If you've ever experienced a gut feeling, a hunch, or an unexplained urge or instinct to act on something, then you've experienced guidance from your intuition.


If you chose to take action on this guidance, then you are someone familiar with your subtle inner voice of wisdom, able to trust in and surrender to this aspect of your higher self.


For those of you who have been prompted by your higher self to take intuitively guided action in some way and have repeatedly ignored it, there's good news for you. You can't get rid of your intuition. It is always there, calling out to you to wake up to its wisdom and guidance, waiting for you to partner with it and align with its divine energy, ready for you to hear it, know it, and trust it.


Intuition is the divine extension of Source, God, One-All, The Infinite, that resides in each and every one of us. It is a subtle inner voice that is best heard and understood when we set our personal energy frequency high enough to resonate with it.


Intuition is the best friend you never knew you had. Intuition knows you like no other. When tuned in to intuition or “direct knowing”, you have access to abundant knowledge and a vast sea of information to help you navigate through your life.


Intuition is a soul gift, bestowed upon you by the Divine. Even if you’ve never used your intuition, or maybe even blatantly ignored it, your intuitive self can be reclaimed and re-activated at any time.


Not very long ago, after struggling for years to create a thriving business resulting in an abysmal amount of success, I hit my energetic rock bottom. I felt depleted in body, mind and spirit, unsupported by the universe, and drained of passion and purpose. Trying to force outcomes, to no avail, in every aspect of my life left me feeling adrift, like a stranger in my own life. One day, after being so sick and tired of being sick and tired, I decided to surrender my fears, doubts, and worry to my higher self.


From that day on, I made it a priority in my daily life to go inward to seek guidance from my intuition. I continue to make a daily practice of tuning in to "direct knowing" to help inform my choices and decisions, aligning me with the most authentic expression of myself.


My life has never been the same.


I even wrote a book about it, "I Choose This! Creating an Intuitively Guided Life"


The truth is, we all have the ability to become highly intuitive, if we choose to.


Mastering the skill of direct communication with your intuition takes less effort than you think.


Your intuition has nothing to gain by playing hard to get. It exists for one reason, to serve your highest good. There is a bit of practice involved in regularly communicating with the higher frequency energy that is your intuition. It is a subtle, quiet inner voice that requires a little daily focus to tune in better to its messages. Shortly after you embark on some daily practice, however, your spirit starts to remember this intuitive aspect of your most authentic self, and the transmission of information becomes clearer; the answers you seek, more instantaneous.


Here are some ways to start tuning in to the wisdom of your soul.


 - Set time aside each day to unplug and go inward. Allow at least 10 minutes a day for quiet reflection or for a mindfulness meditation practice. Breathe deeply for a moment or two and introduce the question, "What do I need to know now?", or a similar question that more accurately addresses a current situation that you need guidance on.


- Allow yourself some sort of creative outlet that you can engage in several times a week, writing, drawing, taking photographs, gardening, etc. When you are accessing the most creative part of yourself, you are aligned energetically with the creative and abundant forces of the universe, thus allowing more gifts of abundance to flow to you. Being in the high frequency energy of creativity also opens you up to better receive information from your higher self.


- Become more grounded in your personal energy while spending time in nature. This is a mindful practice that allows you to bask in the abundance of natural beauty all around you, thus aligning with higher frequency energy. Being in nature will allow you to better hear the subtle information from your intuitive self more clearly.


-Create the intent to become more aware of the subtle signs, symbols and omens that guidance is coming to you from your higher self. Your intuition doesn't just communicate with you through your own words or thoughts. Create more awareness by tuning in more closely to conversations with others, noticing recurring words or phrases. Pay attention to recurring songs that you may hear, and repeating number sequences. This is your soul speaking to you. Be open to information coming to you in any number of ways!


I hope this information will help to guide you on your path to creating a seamless line of direct contact with your higher self.


Blessings, love, and light,





Kathryn is an Abundance Creation Coach, empath, energy healer, and writer.

Her new book, I Choose This! Creating an Intuitively Guided Life is available to download FREE now at:



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