Be Beautifully Ferocious

September 10, 2016



The universe is ever expanding. In every single moment, the universe is creating more of itself. At no point is the universe ever creating something that is not the universe, it is just adding on to what already is, growing in its breadth, becoming more and more of itself, yet never exhausting the potential for growth, because the growth, the expansion, is never complete.


The potential for growth can never be fully realized.


Everything in this ever expanding universe is being created deliberately and on purpose. Every rock, blade of grass, shaft of sunlight and speck of dust is here on purpose. Nothing and no one is here by mistake, including you.


Every part of everything that exists is also created on purpose.

When the universe creates a tree, for instance, Source energy creates that tree with purposeful, passionate intent.


Source doesn’t just say, “Today, I’m going to make a tree but I think I’ll just put down some roots, maybe the trunk, but screw it, I’ll skip the branches and the leaves, because, well, everybody knows what a tree is at this point. Everybody gets it, it’s a tree. OK? Well, I guess maybe I’ll add the branches and leaves, but not big, bright, glossy green leaves. Ugh, OK, green, but maybe not that green. Everybody gets the idea, it’s a tree. Great, that’s done, now what else do I have to do today?”


Imagine if the universe created that way. What if Source energy’s idea of creation and expansion was passionless, and had only a half-hearted sense of intent? What do you think the world would look like?


There is passion, intent, and purpose in every single thing that is created in this universe. There is divine beauty and grace in all of the fierce details of the creation process.


As humans, we are also actively creating in every single moment, just like the creative forces of the universe. We are always becoming more of who we are. This process is only interrupted or interfered with, if it is by our own design.


If our lives are created half-heartedly or by default, the process to become more of who we are just takes longer to evolve, (if we allow it to evolve into realizing our potential) as we have to learn the lessons of living our lives with less than purposeful intent and trial and error in order to move towards a truly authentic expression of ourselves. The universe will continue to provide us with the resources we need in order to realize and live out our soul path, but unless we are awake and aware of this process, we will continue to unconsciously create our experience, settling for a life less than fulfilled.


When we are deliberate creators of our experience, we are active, brilliantly conscious alchemists, manifesting our desires into physical projections in the material world that are aligned with our soul journey and purpose.


When you are creating your life with fierce passion, purpose and intent, just as the universe does, you are speaking its language. The universe only ever creates with beauty, grace, passion, and fierce intent. This is the language of true, purposeful creation.


As a human who is part of this magnificent universe, why would you create your own life with anything less than the same beautifully ferocious intent with which the universe uses to create?

You should only ever create like you mean it.


Simply put, why would you create your life in any other way?


_The above is an excerpt from I Choose This! ~Creating An Intuitively Guided Life, available now! Click to order the book download.


Kathryn Mussell is an Abundance Creation Coach, empathic energy healer, and writer.


Wishing you love, light, and fierce abundance,




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