Give, and You Will Receive

September 10, 2016



Hello Abundant Friends!


I got a clear intuitive hit a while back that I hold sacred and continue to practice in my life.


Living in true, lasting abundance can be effortless if you are aware of this piece of the puzzle.


Give, and You Will Receive.


Everything that flows to you is enough. You are enough. You have enough. These must be your beliefs, your mantras, and your affirmations. You must feel the truth of them at the very core of who you are, then, as the saying goes, you have to put your money where your mouth is.


The late Dr. Wayne Dyer was constantly asking his audience this question, “How may I serve?” Indeed.


So often, in books and courses that teach you how to effortlessly manifest your desires and how to create lasting abundance, they leave out this one essential piece of the manifesting puzzle.

Being of service to the greater good ensures everyone’s abundance, including your own.


Consider the following advice very carefully. If you act on it, you can potentially accelerate your manifestation process with warp speed and magnetize endless abundance to you.


The act of giving of yourself or of valuable resources, like time or money, doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t mean that there’s a deficit of resources for you and a wealth of resources for someone else if you give something away. On the contrary. Being of service to others and the greater good shows Source energy that you are willing to act as an enlightened steward, doing your part to ensure that universal abundance stays balanced and remains in harmony.


When you act to serve the greater good by giving away something of value, you are actually sending a very clear message to Source saying, “I have so much, and I am so grateful, that I want to share what I have with others who can benefit from it as well. I have complete faith that if I give it away, it will come back."

You are communicating directly and easily with the universe through the high vibration of gratitude, speaking the same language.


When you express gratitude, the universe understands that you like something immensely and it will make sure you get more of it. You send a crystal clear message when you are of service that you know and believe abundance will always be available to you, so you can freely give of your resources without ever feeling a sense of lack.


Some would argue that you should just give until it hurts without any thought of what you can get in return. That’s just silly to me and defies the logic of everything I try to teach or write about.


I would then ask, “Why, if you believe you live in an infinitely abundant universe, would you ever think that you have to be without what you need or live in any state of lack?”


Is it a selfish act to give something away, and then expect it back in kind?


Yes, if feeling amazing, light in spirit, and full of loving kindness through the act of giving is selfish. Giving to others feels incredible. One of the most uplifting experiences you can have in this life is to be of service. It will make you feel whole and part of the universal flow to even ask the question,


“How may I serve?”


~Excerpt from the book, I Choose This! ~ Creating an Intuitively Guided Life~
by, Kathryn Mussell


Kathryn Mussell is an Abundance Creation Coach, empathic energy healer, and writer.


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