How the Information Age is Helping to Usher In the Intuition Age

October 2, 2016


We have constant access to heaps and heaps of information. We are constantly bombarded with stimuli from a dizzying number of sources.


We are drowning in a sea of knowledge.


Our primitive brains are struggling to keep up with the flow of information and we find ourselves, perhaps unconsciously, craving a reprieve from the constant deluge of stimulation.


How can we know where to find the answers if we don't even have enough time to ask the questions?


Just because we have access to endless amounts of information doesn't mean it is all of benefit to us.


How is it that we may be able to sift through the sea of knowledge and find wisdom?


We are creatures of conditioning and are used to believing that the answers we seek to life's questions somehow exist externally. When, in fact, all the answers to our questions exist internally.


I used to believe that the sensory overload of the Information Age was more detrimental than beneficial to our human existence. Too much of anything can sometimes be damaging. I believed, that with our 10,000 year old brains, rapidly trying to form enough new neural connections to keep up with and match the pace of current technology, that we were creating new ways of experiencing our world faster than we were able to actually utilize them. Instead, I've chosen a different perspective -a perspective informed by the wisdom of my own intuition.


I now believe that we are being invited to explore a world that we once knew very well before we came into this existence. I believe we're being called homeward to reactivate the most ancient aspect of self - our intuition.


This divine extension of universal wisdom that lives within each and every one of us offers guidance in a very unique, personal, and practical way. It is our internal GPS, helping us navigate on our life's path towards our highest good with the informed aspect of the superconscious, or the higher self.


The universe is extending the invitation to us now to explore the frontier of the soul. We can no longer expect to make sense of our world with the rational mind alone. We are being asked to form an alliance with our more soul-centered self, and thus the greater forces at work in the universe in order to be able to interpret and understand this complex modern world.


We are being shown, if only we can create enough awareness to see, that we can choose to slow our lives down by opening up to our inner wisdom and following the guidance that is available to us whenever we wish to wake up to this most ancient part of ourselves.


Our intuition is constantly pointing the way towards our highest good and our abundance, which resonate with the same energetic vibration. Our innate sense of wisdom is always nudging us towards a more fully realized version of who we truly are. Through this more informed aspect of self, we are being asked to choose the intuitive world view, which invites us to experience our lives from a place of wonder, joy, and love, instead of disconnectedness and fear.


Are you allowing yourself to be open to this invitation from your higher self? Can you conceive of a new hybrid of consciousness that allows you to merge the masculine energy of rational thought with the more feminine energy of living in flow as you allow yourself to create a more present and mindful life lead by your inner wisdom?


Allow yourself to believe in miracles, synchronicity and divine timing. Open your energy up to the divine aspect of your soul. Adopt a superconscious world view that all is well, that you are supported, and that you are a deliberate creator of a life that is aligned with your most authentic version of who you truly are. Let the universe know that you accept its invitation and that you are ready to partner with your intuition, to trust it, and to follow the guidance in complete faith

towards your highest good.


Love and Light,




Kathryn Mussell is an Abundance Creation Coach, energy healer, and writer of the book, I Choose This! ~Creating An Intuitively Guided Life~

The new companion course to the book, The Abundant Intuitive is available now.





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