You Are a Powerful Manifester

October 16, 2016


You are a powerful manifester.

Is this news to you?

It shouldn't be.


Look at the life you've created for yourself. It is your creation, like it or not. It is the culmination of all of your emotions, thoughts and choices. Thoughts are things. Your emotions project them into reality.



So the real question is, have you created your life deliberately, or by default?


Where do you direct the bulk of your attention and energy? If you're focused on negative self-talk and limiting beliefs about your experience, I'd be willing to bet that the physical projection of your life looks and feels limited to you.


Are your thoughts and emotions completely random and non-specific, thus yielding random outcomes in your life that feels like a "one step forward, two steps back" type of scenario? What you focus on grows. Decide right now how you want to create your life and start focusing on it every single day. Watch your amazing manifesting acumen play out before you and be amazed at the shift that will start immediately.


It's frustrating when it feels like the universe doesn't have your back. I can tell you from experience that the only reason it feels that way is because you are not being specific about exactly what it is that you want. The universe loves clarity but it will deliver the order you are placing whether you are perfectly clear or not.  Ask for random things and get random results.


Still don't believe that you're a powerful manifester and that the universe has your back?

Allow the universe to prove it to you. Make a very clear statement about what you would like the universe to deliver to you. Write down the exact time right now on a piece of paper along with the following order.


"Universe, in the next 48 hours, I would like you to show me as many blue butterflies as possible. I want to see them everywhere. Show me that I am a powerful manifester. Prove to me that manifesting is a co-creative process and that you have my back."


Now, keep track of the results. Make ticks on the same piece of paper where you placed your order and take inventory of the evidence. This process not only gives you evidence of your particular manifesting prowess but it also invites you to be more present, awake, and aware in your life so that you may notice the subtle hints of abundance that exist all around you on a daily basis. Tune in, pay attention, and be amazed.


Once you've collected the evidence you asked for, pick your most cherished goal at the moment. Be super specific and feel into it with fierce emotion. Apply the same method as above, trust in the process and surrender yourself to the greater forces of the universe to deliver the goods in divine timing. Ask the universe to show you evidence that this process is in motion. Pay attention to the signs showing you that you are supported and that abundance is always flowing to you.

Embrace the possibility that life is full of miracles and believe it with every fiber of your being. Then, watch in wonder as the universe proves you right.


Wishing you fierce abundance,


~ Kathryn





















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