Dancing with the Divine...or, knowing where to take inspired action on your goals and when to surrender the outcomes to the Universe.

November 3, 2016


I get asked these questions a lot.


“What is inspired action?”  


“How do I know when to stop trying to make things happen and surrender the “how” of achieving my goals to the universe?”


To put it in the simplest of terms, inspired action comes from first tuning into the higher aspect of self- that part of you that does not rely on rational, conscious thought to inform your decision-making process.


The higher self talks to you through your intuition, which is always dropping subtle clues about the people, places, and opportunities that you're meant to partner-up with to help you expand and enrich your human experience while deepening your connection with your infinite, soul-centered self.


When you are paying attention to, and following the guidance of, this soul-centered part of self, you are invited by the universe to take action on your goals and desires while “in-spirit,” or “inspired” by a higher, divine consciousness that is always leading you further along your life’s path, towards your highest good.


The sole purpose of your intuition is to help point the way towards your highest good. If you are regularly tuning into the inner wisdom of your intuition, you’re aware of the physical sensations, the gut feelings, and messages that your intuition uses to alert you to take action on your goals and desires. The more you tune in, the more familiar this energy becomes over time. You learn to trust it without exception.


You have faith in following your inner GPS because you know that it is always conspiring with the universe to help co-create the manifestations of your deepest desires in the material world.


The actions you take from this inspired perspective are right because they feel right, not because you’ve thought they’re right based on a conscious, rational analysis. You confidently arrive at your inspired action steps because of a “direct knowing” that can only be perceived through the lens of your Higher Self.


Once you’ve taken cues from your inner wisdom to take action, it is your responsibility as a powerful co-creator of your own experience to give a heads-up to the universe regarding WHY it is that you want this goal and WHAT you hope to happen as a result of achieving this goal by feeling into it with fierce and passionate energy. When you put your heart and soul into your desires, you’re telegraphing a clear and precise message to the universe about what you want, why you want it, and how it feels to have it manifest.


Then, let it go.


Sure, keep feeling into the awesomeness of your goal. Keep tuning in for guidance from your inner wisdom that may alert you to new developments like, maybe, an even better opportunity that you hadn’t previously imagined just showed up and your original goal becomes obsolete. It happens. Leave space for alternate miracles. That’s part of the process of surrendering also.


Surrender the outcome, the “how,” to the universe by inviting it to opt-in now on your behalf and to fulfill its role as co-creator of your experience. If you’ve done everything you can on your end, (without trying to be a pest and micro-manage the universe’s obligation to help you realize your manifestation) you can rest-assured that things have been set in motion. Things are already happening behind the scenes to alter time and space to help you fully realize your desires.


If you still feel like you’re white-knuckling your goals and just can’t let them go, know that forcing outcomes puts you in the exact opposite energy of creating abundance. It is a desperate energy that the universe reads as scarcity or lack. Until you can sort this out, your manifestation will take longer to materialize, making you feel the universe doesn’t have your back.


Think you might be unconsciously trying to force outcomes but you’re not sure? Here’s a list of things to look for that will tell you you’re micro-managing the universe’s role in helping you:


~ you expect results NOW

~ you’re overwhelmed and can’t get out of your own head

~ you feel exhausted and unmotivated

~ you feel you have to do it all yourself in order to “get it right”

~ you feel like nothing’s working, machines, computers, phones stop working when you need them most

~ you feel only lack and desperation

~ you feel off, confused, like an accident is waiting to happen


These are all signs that it’s time to regroup, take a self-imposed time-out, and get yourself grounded.


Manifesting your goals is a divine and unique expression of your creativity. It should be exciting and, well, fun. It should feel inspiring, abundant, and positive. If it doesn’t, it’s time to tweak your energy, or even your goal if it feels out of sync with what makes you happy in your life while you’re creating it!


If you feel less than inspired when you’re taking action on your goals, what feels arduous now may just be a sneak preview of greater tensions or a widening gap of disconnect from your Higher Self yet to come.


When in doubt, just ask, WWMHSD? (What would my higher self do?)


Love and Light,


~ Kathryn






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