It's Time to Reclaim Your Power

November 16, 2016


It’s time to reclaim your power.


From a very young age, we’re taught to give away our power.


We’re taught that the answers to all of life’s questions exist somewhere outside of ourselves.


When faced with tough decisions, we’re confused because we’re torn between the domineering voice of the ego, telling us to play it safe, or the subtle voice of our inner wisdom, telling us it’s OK to make an inspired change, to take on a new and exciting challenge, or to step out of our comfort zone.


So many times, the subtle energy of our inner Wise One introduces a call to action, inviting us to take a bold step into unfamiliar territory to unleash our powerful, creative, inspired, and unique energy upon the world.


Yet, we cut off the flow of that divine energy that is so desperately trying to communicate with us. We look for external validation of our worth, our gifts, and our abilities to create a life that is beyond extraordinary. Or worse, we look for examples in the external world that corroborate the stories and lies the ego tells us about who we are!


We allow ourselves to be lulled back into submission by the fear-based ego voice, telling us we are too simple, too ordinary, too short, too fat, too ugly, too poor, or too powerless to effect any change in our own lives, let alone the life of someone else. Too many echoes of lies and stories that we’ve been selling to ourselves about who we are have drowned-out the fleeting moments of power we allowed ourselves to briefly feel. We are really good at talking ourselves out of our own greatness.


So we shuffle back to our lives, humbled and defeated, to a dimmer, duller version of who the universe wants us to be… all because we don’t believe in our power to KNOW the truth about who we are at our deepest soul level. We are brilliant, blinding beacons of beautiful, creative energy, capable of powerfully manifesting whatever it is that we desire to be, do, and have.


THAT is the truth about who we are.


THAT is what our inner wise one is always trying to tell us.


The best way to reclaim your power as a beautifully gifted and talented creator is to start knowing that you can manifest whatever experience you desire to have. Start listening closely to the subtle energy of your intuition. Show the universe that anything less than an abundant and divinely inspired life is unacceptable by trusting in, and following, the guidance of your inner Wise One.


Believe that today’s leap of faith is tomorrow’s realized vision of your heart’s desire.


Wishing you love, light, and fierce abundance


~ Kathryn





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