The Holiday Post - Balance Compassion with Standing in Your Power this Holiday Season

November 24, 2016


Ah, the holidays….


The time for over-indulging, giving thanks, and sometimes, getting grief.


Is there that one relative or family friend that seems to love to rattle your cage, push your buttons, and single you out for the Battle Royale at the dinner table during the holidays?


You know, the one person that makes you see red and has the power to knock you off balance as they spout their righteous beliefs that seem to always be directly at odds with yours?


Maybe the energy this person has to disrupt the apple cart is overt, or, maybe it’s very subtle, and you’re the only one who seems to be in his or her target site.


Well, what if you could stand completely in your own power, keep a full arsenal of your energy reserves, and re-frame how you see and interact with this person going forward?


What if you CHOSE, from now on, to see this person as a teacher?


What if you put all the power you think this person has over you back into your hands by seeing them as someone who was assigned to you, in this life, to teach you tolerance, patience, and compassion?


Alternately, what if you chose to see this person as your personal mentor that is only here to help you stiffen your resolve about the things you believe in strongly, the ideals that you unquestioningly hold near and dear to your heart?


What if this person is truly here as an angel in disguise, assisting you on your journey to stand more firmly in your power, helping you to fearlessly express your beliefs with more conviction and confidence?


Or, maybe this person is here to help you examine your long-held beliefs more closely, to scrutinize a tired old belief system you may be clinging to out of habit and has long outlived its use in serving you as you’ve evolved into the person you are today.


My father and I fought like cats and dogs for most of my young adult life, a constant battle for supremacy. I was going to be and do what I wanted, NO MATTER WHAT! It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I re-framed my whole relationship with my dad and saw him as a powerful teacher and mentor, helping me to become the strong and confident woman that I am now. It helped me soften my gaze when I looked at our relationship as a whole, and I eased up on the resentment and the blaming and opted for compassion and understanding instead. I realized, that I was assigned to him, by the benevolent forces of the universe, to be his daughter, so that I could also teach him something.


Today, our relationship is loving, healed from past emotional wounds, and I am grateful that he has been one of my greatest teachers.


Sometimes forgiving, letting go, sending blessings, and opting for tolerance and compassion is the most profound way to be powerful and lead by example. Doing this is not a sign of weakness. It is an act of standing in your power.


This holiday season, I invite you to re-frame every single person who tests your patience and resolve as a teacher and shift from feeling weak or powerless to standing firmly in your own power. YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you will let others affect and shape you.


Discover your strength when you choose love and light.


Wishing you a fiercely abundant holiday season.


~ Kathryn




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