Sometimes a "NO" is Temporary and Conditional

November 29, 2016


Sometimes a "NO" is just temporary and conditional.


I know it's weird to hear a female say that No doesn't always mean NO, but it's true. It's all about the situation and perspective.


If you check in with your inner guidance, you can gauge very accurately what is right for you, or, the actual truth of a situation.


If you haven't caught on yet that I'm always advising you to go inward because all the answers you're looking for are there already, then here's even more proof that your inner Wise One has always got your back and won't ever steer you wrong.


Over the last 6 months, I repeatedly submitted article after article to online newsletters, blog sites, and online magazines. Even though, I diligently proofread the material I submit, make sure the content jibes with the target audience, and has a pretty clear and positive message, I got turned down constantly. The word NO was starting to become my nemesis.


I went so far as to re-submit some of my work, after some editor's suggested that I tweak the content, change this or that, modify a thing or two. Still nothing.


Then, I said, screw it. I'm not changing one more damn thing. I know my work is good. I know my message is spot on. I know I reach people on a deep level with my words of inspiration (because they tell me so) and I don't need to get published to prove this to myself, or anybody else.


I knew all of this because I sat with my inner Wise One and we hashed this out. I took to my Place of Truth, the deep inner part of me (and you) where personal truth resides, and I got all the validation I needed to know that I am enough, right now, with what I have, from where I am, and I could just let this go.


Today, out of the blue, one of these publications wrote to tell me that one of my articles is being published in their newsletter and would soon be viewed by their 80,000 + subscribers. I was elated.


If you know, deep down, that you are talented enough, smart enough, and fearless enough, you won't let the word NO steal your thunder and take away your power. It's merely an invitation to take a closer look at the situation and go inward. If what you truly believe about yourself holds up to your Place of Truth, then there is no such thing as NO.


Love and light
~ Kathryn



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