Always Live Larger than Your Fears

December 5, 2016


You have a "Power Base." It is your inner wisdom.


From here, you KNOW things.


You’re not making educated guesses or deducing information in the way your ego-based, linear mind does. You are accessing a completely different part of self. You are accessing the “direct knowing” that can only come from being tuned into your intuition.


Your personal power is very unique and specific to who you are.

So what does that look like for you?


How do you express yourself when you feel confident and powerful?


How are you using your superpowers, your talents and abilities?


How do you communicate your personal power out into the world?


How do you broadcast your awesomeness to the universe in a way that is unique and specific to YOU?


What are you really good at? These are gifts from the divine. These gifts are your superpowers. They are there to help you broadcast your greatness to the world. Own these gifts, celebrate them. Honor them by showcasing them instead of hiding behind them.


Stop giving away your power to your fears. Stop playing small in a universe that is so massive and ever expanding. Just like the universe does in every single moment, you, too, must expand into your greatness. Anything that’s keeping you from that is keeping you in a holding pattern. Stop hibernating in your own life.


Anywhere you’re holding onto limiting beliefs, fear of failure, of judgement, or living in fear of your own greatness, you’re giving away your power.


Anywhere you’re not forgiving someone, yourself, or something, you’re giving away your power. When you’re holding onto low frequency emotions like fear, lack, worry or doubt, you are keeping yourself at arm’s length from your greatness, and giving away your power.

Anywhere you believe that the answers to life’s questions exist outside of yourself, you are giving away your power.


Anywhere you think someone else knows you better than you know yourself, you’re giving away your power.


And finally, anywhere you’re not taking responsibility for what’s keeping you blocked in your life, you are giving away your power.


Once you start connecting more deeply with your inner guidance, you develop trust in this ancient aspect of who you are to help you navigate and course-correct every step of the way along your path of true abundance. That path is already laid out in front of you, you just have to choose to start walking it in faith that you will always be supported.


The only thing that’s keeping you from a bold, unapologetic, fearless, audaciously extraordinary and abundant life, is YOU. Own your strengths and weaknesses alike. Learn from them both and adjust your life accordingly.


Your soul, right now, as you read this, is introducing a call to action for you to step more boldly into your own power, to live larger than your fears, and to embrace your inner light and magic.


Your Higher Self is throwing down the gauntlet, issuing you a challenge to remember who you truly are as a brilliant creator of your own destiny.


How will you answer the call?


Wishing you love, light, and audaciousness

~ Kathryn



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