Getting Through Mercury Retrograde

December 20, 2016


Just because this year wasn't action-packed enough, the universe has decided to close out the whopper that was 2016 with a little Mercury Retrograde.


Maybe some of you have heard this term get thrown around but what does it mean? More specifically, what does it mean for you?


If you've always been interested in how this all shakes out, here's an article that will help you understand how Mercury Retrograde affects us here on this earthly plane.


Now, before you get frozen with fear about the potential hazards you may experience from now until January 8, 2017, let me say this. Just because it's Mercury Retrograde, there's no reason to pump the brakes on everything that's going on in your life.


Some people tend to go into a self-imposed hibernation period during this time purely based on the idea that all hell might break loose. Well, don't get your panties in a bunch. It's not all that bad.


Since I am an energy healer, you may be surprised to learn that I don't put too much stock into this whole communication breakdown thing that happens during Mercury Retrograde.


Yes, the movement of this planet does affect things down here on Mothership Earth.


Yes, it's also true that the energy can get pretty funky around electronics, communication, travel, contracts and agreements, and sales.


However, you can take your power back from a potentially derailing set of events over the next few weeks by just creating awareness of these events as being just potentialities or possibilities.


They're less likely to happen if you dot your i's and cross your t's, double check your written negotiations and contracts, speak as clearly and plainly as you can in conversations with others. Check details closely when making any large purchases.


Don't bite off more than you can chew right now, either. In the greater scheme of things, Mercury Retrograde is a time to get cozy in your inner world. Retreat into a deeper part of yourself with some guided meditations to recharge your energy. Get a massage, some acupuncture, or find a good kinesiologist to help you release some emotional and physical blocks. Do some energy clearing.


Get the Powerful Energy Clearing Meditation HERE.


Slow down, for God's sake! Breathe. Stretch. Draw pictures with your kids. Get outside and ground your energy by imagining roots extend from the bottom of your feet and merging with mother Earth. It will help you to feel anchored to this earthly plane - more present and aware. Show how much you love yourself by getting involved in some form of self care to prep your energy level so that when you re-emerge from this dark phase, you come out swingin' and ready to take on 2017 like a boss.


Here's to powering down before you power up
~ Kathryn


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