Learning To Make Sense of the Gap ~ The Energetic Space Between Being Stuck and in Flow with the Universe

January 4, 2017

The universe is constantly expanding. As we are all part of this universe, in order to feel in flow with it we must expand right along with it. When we are not growing in our experience, we exist in a contracted state.




If you were to focus on one area of your life that doesn’t feel aligned with who you believe you truly are on a soul level, what would that be? What does that feel like? Expanded or contracted?


Being stuck provides you with an excellent opportunity to uncover any fears or shadows that are responsible for keeping you stuck, especially if you resist admitting that you are stuck. Things start bubbling up to the surface. You’re forced to confront what you’ve been consistently shoving back down in the depths of your subconscious for years.


Noticing that you are stuck is the first part of getting un-stuck. Awareness of the area of your life that feels out of sync allows you to start shifting the energy vibration around it.


Navigating The Energetic Space of the Gap


So when you make the decision to face your fears, clear your energy, be awake, aware and present in your own life, and to keep taking steps that move you towards flow, you enter an energy space called the Gap.


The Gap is the place where you leave behind your limiting beliefs and enter the realm of possibility. It is a choice to enter this energy space of possibility. Once you make this choice, the higher aspect of yourself becomes a stronger and more powerful presence in your life. Your higher self is committed to one purpose. It wants to help you navigate the path towards your highest good and to help co-create your new story now that you’ve discarded the old one that didn’t serve you. Your higher self, and its messenger, your intuition, act as your guides to help you fully open up to the transformational energy of the Gap.


This is the place where you learn to trust in the unseen and have faith that the universe has got your back.


You trust that not only are you able to receive and understand the wisdom that will be given to you, you’ll also be able to follow it to guide you successfully on your soul path. The Gap is where the great work of healing and becoming whole takes place, the state in between stuck and flow.


When you enter the Gap, your energy frequency changes. You enter a higher vibration, and thus, you are able to better understand the information that flows to you from the superconscious, higher aspect of self. Your energy is better aligned with this aspect of mind while you’re in the Gap, moving towards flow.


As you start to engage in a regular practice of communicating with your intuition, you are forging a deeper connection, and aligning with the higher frequency energy you experience in The Gap. Every day, you are moving further towards flow and harmony with the universe. You’ll begin to notice that, with regular practice, the answers you’re looking for will come easier and more quickly.


In the Gap, you may receive answers from your inner guidance in any number of ways. It is important to keep your energy open, to maintain a sense of wonder about the ways in which you may receive communication on a soul level, rather than a conscious level.


Even though you are in the Gap, and are more receptive to high vibration energy, you are still part of a much lower, denser energy vibration than that of the higher realms of consciousness. Your higher self, your guides and the divine, greater forces of the universe are very evolved and exist on such a high frequency that it is difficult for us to truly “get” what they’re trying to communicate to us. So, as you enter the Gap and begin to ask questions about your issues on your soul path, you’ll need to pay attention to signs, symbols, dreams, and messages more closely.


You’ll receive answers or information through dreams, repeating number sequences, hearing the same word or phrases over and over and from random sources, repeating songs or a chorus of a song that gets stuck in your head. You may hear specific advice pertaining to the issue you’ve been kicking around and it just feels right. You may feel drawn to reach out to a particular person that you’ve been meaning to talk to and the timing just feels perfect.


Remember, as you move further towards flow, and forge a more profound partnership with your intuition, you are tuning into the more emotional and spiritual aspect of yourself and you are relying less on the analytical mind to rationalize your decision making process. You will experience a more balanced perspective as the masculine, rational, and logical aspect of mind merges with the subtle, divine feminine aspect of your more intuitive side.


Focus on what feels right for you on a gut level. You will be prompted by your higher self to constantly ground your energy, or center yourself, and tune in to your inner voice. With practice, this just becomes easier. Soon you’ll be able to just cue yourself to go inward by taking a deep breath and focusing on your inner world for just a moment in order for the answers to come.


It is wise to keep a journal now that you’ve entered the Gap. Keep an account of funny occurrences, “coincidences,” (ahem… there aren’t any since everything happens for a reason) things you knew were going to happen and did, conversations that you had with people that centered around the very thing you’ve been focused on, and just about anything else that feels pertinent as you’re learning to decode messages from your higher self.


It is important at this stage of first entering the Gap to compile all of the “evidence” in your journal that your rational mind wants to see so it can loosen its grip on your mind if you happen to be a skeptic. It will allow your more divine aspect of self to get in the driver’s seat, so you may more easily surrender to this new and exciting self-discovery process.


What Does it Mean to be In The Gap?


Now that you’ve made some sense of the Gap, you may be wondering what this energetic weigh station is really all about. Is it some sort of purgatory on the way to being in flow? Definitely not.


The Gap is the place where you get to sharpen your intuitive skills and learn to trust in this higher energy that was once very well known to you before you came in to this human existence. This is the place where you finally understand the futility of forcing outcomes and learn to have faith in Divine timing.


Everything that happens for you happens in Divine timing, and not a moment sooner or later. Your soul journey takes you where you need to go, when you need to go there. Learning to trust in this process takes time. The analytical mind still holds sway over your life in a big way.


Remember, once you are in the Gap, you get to compile the evidence of your self-discovery that the rational, ego-mind needs to see in order for it to relax and fade into the background. That way your superconscious can MC this party without interference.


The Gap is the place where you familiarize yourself once again with your infinite nature as an ageless, timeless soul. In the Gap, you will learn to listen more closely and pay more attention. You are awake and aware. In the Gap, you will prepare your energy to receive more abundantly, to perceive information more deeply, to interpret signs and symbols more effectively, and to further decode the clues and secrets that continue to distort your lens of perception.


While in the Gap, you’ll get more comfortable with the energy of higher realms and learn to surrender your fear and doubt to this greater wisdom that holds space for the negative energy you wish to release, as well as the high frequency energy you wish to embody. In the Gap, your sensory abilities expand and become more highly tuned instruments.


Most importantly, the Gap is the place where you learn how to slow down your life. Developing your intuition should not be a rushed process. Everything else in your life is a rushed process. This is where you are invited by the universe to slow down, retreat to the deepest expression of yourself, and nurture your soul.


 Welcome to The Gap

~ Kathryn




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