All Things in Balance

January 17, 2017


So many times when we are absorbed in our daily tasks, we forget to focus on our own personal comfort level. This extends to the realms of body, mind and spirit.


Our reptile brains are so keenly focused on the act of doing and accomplishing that we will often sacrifice our comfort to just push on through our tasks for the sake of getting things done. It is part of our relentless pursuit to tick off yet another thing on our massive to do list.


How many times have you waited until the absolute last minute to take a pee break because you just wanted to finish that one last thing?


How often have you found yourself hunching your shoulders up around your ears because the way you are sitting is not very comfortable or your working conditions are just not optimal in some way, yet you keep plodding on?


Can you recall being so involved in an all-consuming task or project that had you so far removed from being present in your own physical body that you caught yourself holding your breath?


When we focus solely on a productivity mindset and aspect of self, we often completely ignore the receptive, softened awareness of our whole body/mind perception. We forget that the only way to optimally produce anything is to be in balance with the masculine and feminine aspects of self.


Being more present, awake, and aware in every moment throughout the day allows us to constantly check in with our body, to feel into what we are doing. Often, when we are paying attention in this way, we can pinpoint where our body and spirit may be holding resistance to what we are doing, and we can honor our energy by making the appropriate physical and mental adjustments to support us in achieving greater levels of comfort.


You may want to get into the habit of stopping whatever you are doing every half hour (or less!) to just breathe deeply for a few beats, close your eyes and recite a quick mantra to help you align with more joy and spiritual presence in whatever you are doing. Try it the next time you are involved in a difficult, energy depleting task or project that requires you to dig deep into the well of your personal energetic resources.


Notice the shift in your perception of what you are doing and how you then feel more aware and tuned in to your body and mind.


Take note of the balance you now feel between the masculine and divine feminine aspects of mind.


Feel the undeniable sense of flow as you reconnect with your work from a place of expanded awareness, pristine focus, and genuine inspiration.


To your perfect balance
~ Kathryn



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