Practice Self-Love and Magnetize Abundance to You

February 10, 2017


Practice more self-love and you will magnetize prosperity to you.

When you celebrate yourself, you celebrate life.

Life, by definition, is YOU living it. You have no other frame of reference for LIFE. You have no experience of life outside of you being here, living and breathing.

So when you celebrate life, you celebrate YOU. Your high vibration then telegraphs a crystal clear message to the universe telling it that you are grateful for being you, living your life and that, pretty please with a cherry on top, you’d like more of the good stuff that life has to offer.

Practicing the art of self-love is NOT the same as narcissism. Your life is a sacred gift from the Divine. Your life is full of power, magic and love, and so are you. Because YOU and LIFE are the same. When you don’t honor, praise and love yourself and your life, it’s like communicating to Source energy, “This whole human existence thing where I can be, do and have anything I want, well, it’s OK, I guess.”

If you have a 3 out of 5 Star Review of life, you’ll get a 3 out of 5 Star Experience served up to you over and over again and you’ll wonder why things just don’t ever get any better.

Open up your sense of wonder. Celebrate your unique talents, gifts and abilities. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you!” Play more. Have that gooey chocolate chip cookie if you want it. Take a one-day sabbatical and have a spa day for no good reason if you want to. If you think it’s silly or a waste of time to do any of this, you are missing the whole point of being here, living life as a celebration.

I have an exercise that I ask my coaching clients to do when they are trying to shift into more of a prosperity mindset. I ask them to list all of the ways that they are awesome. I ask them to list their talents and abilities, to take inventory of their long list of accomplishments, challenges that were overcome, and personality traits that make them special. I invite them to write from the perspective of their soul-being, the Higher Self, since this is the part that knows how incredible you truly are.


This is the most difficult exercise for even the most accomplished and self-possessed women to tackle. Why? Because, as women we’ve been told not to shine too bright, not to call too much attention to ourselves. We don't accept flattery because it’s impolite and boastful. And it’s just the result of years of programming, nothing more. I have my clients take this exercise one step further and have them write a love letter to themselves! What does this do? It amplifies their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.


This exercise that invites you to take pen to paper and craft a list of personal accolades and a gushing love letter allows your inner critic, the ego, to have “evidence” that you really do deserve to have it all, because, well, look how awesome you are! Your ego can finally get with the (new and improved) program and start believing that you’re worthy of all the abundance that starts to flow to you, and it allows it to flow in without resistance.


Ready to give it a shot? Go ahead, stand in that mirror and blow yourself a kiss. Tell yourself how incredible, talented, beautiful, and brilliant you are. Celebrate life. Celebrate you.


Wishing you love and light

 ~ Kathryn


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