Reclaim Your Power

February 23, 2017


In the 15 years I’ve been doing energy healing and mindset work, I can tell you the most common reason why women do not achieve their goals and attract their desires. It is this. There is at least one belief we hold that is in direct opposition to what we are trying to create, attract, or achieve. The common denominator of this commonly held belief? Self-worth and being able to believe we deserve greater levels of prosperity and abundance.


It’s called a cross-purpose or counter-intention. When you hold two beliefs that are in direct conflict with one another, the belief that you ”feed” with more of your energy via emotions, thoughts and actions, will prevail every time.

For instance, you want a loving soul-mate to spend the rest of your life with. Though, deep down, if you’re totally honest about what you feel (regardless of whether it’s actually true…Spoiler: It isn’t!) you think that you are flawed and how can anyone ever love you? If you are not loving towards yourself, you are not planting a fertile bed for the seeds of love to grow at all.


Or, maybe you want to make a change in your career. You daydream about stepping into more power, accepting that promotion, taking more of a leadership role, delegating tasks to others because your Zone of Genius and what you truly want to do lies elsewhere. But when you allow yourself to feel just a little too good about your vision of success, the voice of fear crashes the party and tells you nobody will ever listen to you, you’re not as talented as so-and-so, the more talented candidate who’s going to end up with that promotion anyway.


Sound familiar?


It should be, because we ALL do this to one degree or another. And we’re giving away our power to these beliefs in our “false selves” over and over again, keeping us from a life of greater joy and personal fulfillment. The false self is merely a projection that comes from the ego aspect of mind and it is as flimsy as a hologram. The real you lies underneath the hologram, in all your glory and infinite potential.


That’s not even the worst part!

To add insult to injury, once we have some semblance of awareness of this form of self-sabotage, we try to correct the problem by piecing together a series of freebies, opt-ins, free downloads, books and videos from many different coaches and gurus who seem to have the solution to our biggest challenges. We try in vain to form some sort of patchwork quilt of answers, hoping that one major shift we’re waiting for is somehow hidden in the mix. We hope against hope that we can find freedom from our blocks and fears without spending a dime on our personal transformation, which, by the way, only feeds that block you’re trying to eradicate – you’re not worth it.


I get it. For a long time, when I was working on really clearing the energy blocks that were keeping me from my vision of prosperity, all I did was sign up for opt-ins, free videos and free workshops. I kept wondering why things just weren’t shifting. Why didn’t I feel any different? Why did all of my goals still seem so unattainable and out of my reach? Because I didn’t address the elephant in the room. I didn’t want to invest in myself because, deep down, I didn’t feel I was worth it.


You truly can’t expect something for nothing. I just wasn’t willing to put good money down to show my ego that I believed in ME.


Guess what happened when I finally came to my senses and did invest in my personal growth? I was able to shift out of self-sabotaging behavior. I created more awareness of limiting fears and beliefs that were keeping me stuck and I challenged their existence by seeing that these were just lessons I needed to learn. I put a stop to repeating patterns that were keeping me in a lack mentality.


If any of this has resonated for you, I invite you to reflect on something. It’s your time now to stop hedging your bets, hoping that next freebie is the magic pill you’ve been looking for. It’s time to make the investment in getting rid of your blocks, self-sabotage, feelings of lack and limitation. It’s time to get intuitive guidance on how those deeper blocks are manifesting patterns of lack in your life and to get the tools to eradicate them. It’s time to form a stronger connection with the part of you that knows how incredible and worthy you are of infinite abundance- your higher self. It’s time to stop giving away your power to the ego and believing it’s OK to put good money down on a car, expensive clothes, shoes or even vacations, but not on yourself.


You’ll get exercises, live coaching, intuitive guidance, and more, in the Reclaim Your Power 30 Day Group Workshop. The workshop is for 10 totally committed, serious, action-taking women only and begins March 2.


Get the full details and sign up here:
Reclaim Your Power


And, by the way, just think how much more you’ll enjoy the car, the clothes and the vacations if you’re totally in love with yourself and your life!


Wishing you love, light, and power

~ Kathryn


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