Are You Feeling the Big Shift?


Did you know?


The Earth is entering into a monumental state of change.


Energies are fluctuating at rates that indicate a shift in overall vibration. Mother Earth is moving from the old into the new. She is moving from an old way of organizing herself so that she can begin a greater expansion into light and to evolve in her consciousness.

And, did you also know that we are all being called to do the exact same thing?


We are experiencing a mass “waking up” as we’re on this same journey to expand in our consciousness right along with the planet that we call home. It’s no wonder there is symmetry here. We are composed of the same raw materials, elements and minerals as Mother Earth, we resonate and respond strongly with her electro-magnetic frequencies. We are of Her, and She is of Us.


As we are learning to respond to this fluctuation, we are experiencing changes that may be chaotic in nature- emotional upheaval and volatility, major shifts in awareness, opening up to intuitive and psychic gifts, and a massive re-organizing of values, opinions, and feelings not only about our own lives, but about our relationship to each other and the universe as a whole.


Because this shift causes disturbances on all levels, atomic, molecular, biological, geological, social, political and economic, we are feeling uprooted, adrift and unstable. Our inner reality is being affected so greatly, that many of us can’t seem to get a handle on our own lives. Our emotions and thoughts seem to run wild and it’s hard for us to get our bearings.


Does this resonate for you?

If so, I’d like to offer you a solution that will ground your energy and your emotions. This practice of pranic breathing (using your prana, chi, life-force energy, breath) allows you to connect deeply with the power-center of Mother Earth so that you may anchor into her protective energy and allow more feelings of peace and security to flow to you during those times when you feel uprooted or out of your power.


Imagine a tube that runs through the center of the body and extends all the way down to the core of Earth. Now imagine this tube extending upward from the crown of the head and far into the heavens above. However far you are able to extend this upward is perfect for you at this time. Feel your energy anchor into the center of the earth, magnetically pulling and holding your energy there. Breathe in deeply as you imagine bringing the breath up and into the heart center. As you exhale, see and feel the heart center expanding with love and acceptance. Now practice breathing in and pulling energy down from the heavenly realm above and into the heart center, exhaling and expanding it again, out further. Feel the serenity of unconditional love and acceptance as you practice breathing into the pranic tube of energy that resides in the center of your body. Feel rooted strongly in the security and protection of Earth energy and, simultaneously, held in the supportive loving energy of the divine realms.


Whenever you feel unbound to your own body, emotionally frazzled, or out of alignment with your power, practice this exercise and call your energy back to you fully and completely. Take it a step further and pull energy in from both directions at the same time and, on the exhale, expand the heart center and feel totally at peace with this self-grounding technique.


If you practice pranic breathing every day, you can expect to experience an overall feeling of emotional balance, harmony with the divine and Higher Self, self-mastery of your emotions as you are able to shift on command into breathing into the pranic tube from above and below in unison, expanded self-awareness, clarity in all aspects of your life, more stability in situations that would previously trigger you to go into survival-mode thinking and acting, entering into a higher-vibration consciousness where manifestation occurs without resistance, and a host of many other benefits.


With love and light
~ Kathryn


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