The Next Phase

March 26, 2017


Hello dear reader!


I am so grateful to have you on this journey with me to realize more prosperity, joy, and intuitive self-discovery. But, the question I have for you now is...
Are you ready for the next stage in this adventure?

I just wanted to let you know I'm going to be switching up the way I do things a bit in my biz. As I've expanded in my abilities as an intuitive, empath, energy healer and spiritual growth catalyst, my gifts as a channel of divine downloads have increased dramatically.

Going forward, those of you who are signed up on my email list will be getting weekly Soul Session Saturday channeled messages. These are "downloads" of messages directly from Source consciousness that are meant to serve the highest good of all. Whoever comes through to deliver these messages is always a surprise!

So, I wanted to give you the opportunity to opt-out of this list if the new direction in my business and this content is not for you. It's OK, this isn't for everyone! You can simply unsubscribe from these emails at the bottom of this email.

However, here's what you can expect from these weekly messages...

~ Intuitive downloads from "Source" that are meant to give you insight into how to create more awareness of your soul-being and connect deeply with Spirit

~ Tips on how to clear your energy and open up pathways to receive more abundance

~ Messages from ascended beings of light that speak clearly and directly about what we can expect to happen as we experience the planetary shift into expanded consciousness. Collectively, we are moving from being able to only perceive our reality in a third dimensional awareness into perceiving through the lens of a fifth dimensional awareness.

~ How using your intuition is really a gateway to effortlessly and gracefully shift into perfect flow with the higher vibration that the earth is moving into right now

All that being said, I hope you'll stick around because it's gonna be fun!

Just so you can get a taste of what these emails will be about from now on, here's this weeks channeled message...

"One of the biggest reasons you feel out of alignment with Source is the fact that you spend much of your time in the energy of judgement.


In reality, you are already aligned with your soul-self and Source, but the ego creates a barrier to this belief that allows you to feel separate. Willingly entering into the energy of judgement is constantly reinforcing this barrier and keeping you in a state of contraction. You are choosing to limit your experience in this way, yet, at the same time, you desire more expanded awareness and spiritual ascension!


You are desiring the feeling of “going home” into this higher superconscious awareness. But, in this time of planetary ascension, it is not about you going home, it is about bringing “home” here. It is time for you to bring this expanded awareness into your body and to change completely how this game of life is being played in your third dimensional experience. This is how you move into an expanded state of awareness and flow easily and gracefully into a fifth dimensional experience, or higher!


The gap in your understanding of this lies in your linear mindset and limited understanding of the holographic nature of the universe.

As an individual, you are part of the whole. Every time something changes to affect the whole, all the individual aspects of the whole are changed as well. If you individually make a change in, for instance, choosing to enter into a less judgemental frame of mind, all the other aspects of the whole will also mirror this change. So, as you learn to release judgement, blame or resentment, you send out the message to the whole about how to do this, essentially encoding, telegraphing the information to all the beings and aspects of the whole. Through your individual experience, you download and disseminate the information for the benefit of all, thus changing the game of how this third dimensional game of life is being played, completing a cycle, ending a lesson, and opening the way for a new awareness to take hold and invite in the next step in your evolution.


You are creating the bridge for fifth dimensional consciousness and awareness. Some of you are already entering into this shift and it is very exciting to witness this “Grand Experiment” taking place right now."

With blessings and light
~ Kathryn Mussell


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