Fear Corrupts Your Ability to Live Life at the Fullest Potential of your Greatness


Hello beautiful!

Today's download from Source is a big one and something we all struggle with throughout our lives. I truly hope this message resonates with you and provides you with a fresh perspective on this human emotion we all share.

Here's today's channeled message...



"You cannot eradicate fear with the same mindset that created it.

The same subconscious aspect of mind that allows you to feel and know fear is the same aspect of mind that reinforces and validates the fear over and over again. It is only when you are able to access the whole body/mind perception of the superconscious world view, which enables you to see yourself without judgement, that you can dissolve the illusion of fear itself.


The subconscious world view is survival-mode thinking and is fear-based. The superconscious world view is expansive, unconditional and love-based. Every day, you are making decisions that align you with one of these two world views. Though you may be triggered to feel an emotion that is in alignment with the contracted feeling of fear, it is always your choice to then re-align with the superconscious view of love and acceptance. This is true for every human experience and interaction, every single time.


Fear corrupts your ability to live life at the fullest potential of your greatness. It is incredibly important to take full responsibility for your choice to align with either fear or love, as the fear is an ego construct of your own design. You created the fear. You are the only one that can eradicate or dissolve it.


Accessing whole body/mind perception allows you to view your world, and yourself, with unconditional love and acceptance, without judgement. Many of you think this is not possible. This is because you have made a choice to align with fear.


If you were to view your world through the lens of your intuitive self more often, which is aligned with the superconscious world view, you would see only possibility and potential for what COULD BE. You would no longer limit your scope to seeing WHAT IS, which is only part of the Truth of your infinite potential as a soul being having a human experience.”



With Blessings & Light
~ Kathryn Mussell
Intuitive Mentor, Energy Healer, Spiritual Growth Catalyst

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