Are You Open to Receiving?

April 19, 2017


I talk to my clients all the time about what it means to take “inspired action” on their goals and desires but sometimes the most inspired thing you can do is allow yourself to receive.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in client sessions and a wonderful, brilliant soul is telling me all of the amazing things that “almost” happened to her, recounting stories of what just passed her by, or lamenting countless missed opportunities.


Please read this and absorb it into your cells as absolute truth:

Opportunities only show up when you are aligned to receive them.


If you hold that truth near and dear to your heart, then there is no such thing as a missed opportunity. Accept that, perhaps, you may be the one repelling what is already there for the taking.


When we take 100% responsibility for our vibe and understand we attract that which is a vibrational match, then we can know how important it is to clear the resistance that is keeping us in repeating patterns of lack, to love ourselves fully, to value our worth, to know that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by Source, and that there is NOTHING that we cannot be, do, or have when we are aligned with abundance.


Aligning our beliefs and our vibration with our desires, along with opening ourselves up to receive is the bridge to effortless manifestation. Manifesting our dreams into reality then becomes effortless.


In this video I recorded yesterday on Facebook, I talk about the three major things that block our manifesting abilities.

Manifesting and the Sacred Feminine Aspect of Receiving

I also talk about the Sacred Feminine Manifestation Alignment.


The Sacred Feminine Manifestation Alignment is a one month group experience that attunes you to the divine feminine energy of receiving the manifestation of your desires. This is a complete soul alignment that clears your blocks to receiving, and heals and activates the sacred feminine energy of receiving through 16 different soul alignments. Here's what you'll receive in 4 - 1 hour sessions:

~ Deep energy clearing and block healing attunement
~ DNA code forgiveness release - removes the low frequency energies of shame, fear, guilt, anger, resentment, blame & sorrow
~ cleansing of negative energetic codes and implants that keep you in a state of resistance
~ poverty and struggle energetic disconnect
~ 2 divine feminine attunements that remove "seals" from your DNA, allowing you to receive your manifestations without resistance
~ soul's blueprint alignment
~ success without sacrifice alignment
~ "bending time" alignment- speeds up manifestation
~ 7 Sacred Feminine Goddess Activations


** All of these alignments are explained in the above video


*PLUS, you'll learn the Time Jump Manifestation Method which allows you to manifest using the multi-dimensional aspect of your soul-being and de-hypnotizes you from the limited perception of strictly third dimensional awareness. I used this method to attract two new clients and an extra $450 in the span of 9 days!


This 4 week deep healing series of soul alignments is designed to help you attune your energy to the sacred feminine energy of receiving your abundance with flow and ease. This is purely energetic work, no workbook, no exercises, just energetic release from what no longer serves you and alignment with abundance and prosperity.


I am only taking 8 women and we start as soon as everyone gets signed up. We'll meet weekly on Zoom for 60 minutes. Your investment is only $444. This will be offered again soon, but at the price of $695 as it will be a 6 week course and will have more alignments & attunements. If you sign up for this round, you'll get to join the next one FREE.


If you are struggling with manifesting, feeling like no matter what you do, you can't make your desires into reality, understand this. Anything that becomes physical reality must first be created energetically. This means your energy and beliefs must align with your desires! If you are coming from a place of clarity, deep connection with your higher self, and alignment, allowing yourself to receive without resistance, then manifesting the abundance that is your birthright feels effortless.


Join the Sacred Feminine Manifestation Alignment for $444 here: Sign Me Up!


Your ambassador to abundance
~ Kathryn Mussell









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