Your Perceived Experience

April 23, 2017


Big news from the Universe today my friends. You may want to read this a few times!

Here's today's divinely transmitted message:


“In your third dimensional awareness, there is focus and attention placed upon the quality of your experience in every single moment. Either consciously, or unconsciously, your energy is focused upon evaluating the feeling space of each Now moment, stringing together an eventual “story” of your experience. These Now moments that are strung together to form your “story” are used to then define your life. As soon as this experience is defined by you, your ego searches for external validation, sifting through data that is complimentary to the story, expanding the experience by adding more emotion, and thus more focus to the story.


We find it interesting that, more often than not, you are allowing your story of “what I don’t have yet” to define who you are in all things and to then flood your awareness with further external validation of this experience. Another interesting aspect of this is the attention paid to your perceived faults and “failures” to define your experience. A larger story of who you are, as a limited being, living a life of lack and limitation, as perceived by you and no one else but you, becomes the measure by which you define your experience.


Being a powerful being and creator, you do not realize the intensity of limitation that you place upon yourself by doing these things.


There is nothing in your world that is not created by you, individually and collectively. Your perceived limitation is a construct of your own design, no exceptions. Likewise, your choice to perceive prosperity, affluence, joy, abundance and well-being is also a construct of your own design.


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and center your energy in your heart center. Now open your eyes. Do you see lack when your eyes are open and your energy is focused in the heart? Or, do you see infinite abundance when aligned with the expanded energy of your heart? If you do, then your eyes are truly open.


There would be no need to create a universe, a planet, an atmosphere, and all the living beings, plants and animals upon it if the experience had by all was to be one of lack.”


With infinite blessings and light
~ Kathryn



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