Access the Self-Love Contained Within You

April 30, 2017

Here's today's divinely transmitted message. Enjoy!


"Right now, you are entering into a period of creation of form that has never before been seen. You are starting to realize just how powerful you are. It is greatly encouraged that you focus your attention now of frequency and vibration. Joy, abundance, harmony and self-love must be included in your everyday experience. Think about the essence of these high frequency emotions and not what they should look like.


By focusing on frequency rather than form, you are releasing the burden of expectation and the desire for the connection to take hold outside of you. It is tempting to want to look for your “other half”- that part that is supposed to “complete you.”


This is why it is so important to practice self-love. Self-love is already something that you carry within. It is not something that you have to achieve, and there is nothing to overcome in order to obtain it. Rather, you must dissolve the ego illusion, the programs and the filters that prevent you from experiencing self-love in its pristine and pure state.


Do you know what self-love looks like in its physical manifestation? Radiant health and well-being. If you are giving yourself self-love, you are giving yourself Source Energy. The cells of your body are able to maintain health and vitality because they are receiving high-frequency energy.


Check in right now at the emotional level. If you are feeling any lower frequency emotion like fear, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, or resentment, there is a lack of self-love. At the mental level, if your inner critic is expressing thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I am not worthy of this,” that is the opposite energy of self-love. You are not accessing the self-love that is contained within you.


As you are riding this tide of heightened awareness, in alignment with great planetary shifts that are introducing an increased ability to call forth your abundance in profound ways, you are being invited to reawaken. In this practice of “reawakening” you must be vigilant.


Reawakening through the act of deep, unconditional self-love is something that you must keep going on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and moment-to-moment basis. This is now the focus that must take place- increasing your awareness of your emotional and physical vibration, making adjustments to align to higher frequency, and releasing judgement so more love can flow.


In doing this, all things align with Source and you receive your divine gifts from the universe without resistance."


Love & Light

~ Kathryn Mussell


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