Embrace Your Inner Majesty


Today's divinely transmitted message....


Accept and embrace your inner majesty.


"Accept your life in all its configurations. Know that every moment, situation, and event has profound value…even if it doesn’t seem like it. Accept your inner majesty. Be present. You are magnificent and wondrous beyond measure.


Embrace all parts of yourself.


The Universe wants you to know: It is an act of both power and faith to love, honor and accept what is. At times it can be challenging to truly accept what’s occurring in your life. When you do so, however, you affirm that there’s a plan for your life and that everything is working for your highest good.


Accepting “what is” doesn’t mean that you can’t work to change it, because you can. It does mean that there is gentle, yet profound awareness that every experience can support your highest good and spiritual evolution.

If there is something you just can’t accept start by gently acknowledging the fact that you can’t accept it. As you increase your own acceptance in life, this will help others be at peace in their own lives."


With love and light
~ Kathryn Mussell



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