Growing Pains of Multi-Dimensional Awareness




You are a multi-dimensional being, capable of holding lots of power and light.

But sometimes, our physical bodies can't keep up with what we can handle energetically.

So, maybe this post can help you better figure out what happens when we begin to wake up to our multi-dimensional awareness- along with what it feels like and what to look for.


Collectively, the planetary consciousness is shifting. Many of us feel like we have one foot in third dimensional awareness and the other in fourth dimensional awareness, while randomly popping in and out of fifth dimensional awareness.


While the fifth dimension is a heightened and expanded consciousness, we must remember that this is not the final stage in our dimensional ascent, nor does this awareness deliver us from the personal and collective challenges that we face as humans beings. Ascension still requires a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels. It does, however, lead us into a great period of healing, and it is an invitation to return to heart-centered wholeness.


We are all experiencing the “growing pains” of having multi-dimensional awareness. Here are some things to look for as we shift into higher states of awareness and experience expanding consciousness:


~ emotional upheaval, polarizing shifts as we resonate with very high and very low frequency emotions
~ increased levels of stress and overwhelm, feeling “stretched” in our conscious mind as we try to match what’s shifting in our emotional and etheric bodies
~ increased sense of “spiritual awakening”
~ heightened sense of the Sacred Elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water and having a deeper understanding of the archetypal realms that represent them
~ experience of time accelerating, skewed perception of time
~ a change in the nature of personal relationships, either through a deepened sense of connection, or a severing of old partnerships and contracts that have out-lived their use to you
~ increased ability to manifest in whatever realm you choose to perceive your reality
~ a call to be of greater service, to be, know, and create more
~ a call to cultivate a better relationship with the physical body, to “fuel” it with cleaner food and water in order to strengthen its life-force and vitality, preparing it for profound shifts in consciousness that are already happening, placing greater demands on our nervous and limbic systems
~ a shift out of a fear-based perception of reality and into more heart-based awareness
~ increased awareness of emotions emanating from the upper chakras and a sense of “grounding” more of the emotions emanating from the lower 3 chakras into the heart center


There are many more ways we can experience this shift, individually and collectively. How many of these are you noticing? What other shifts are you aware of that are not on this list?


In love and service
~ Kathryn Mussell




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