Creating Your Reality in 5-D Awareness


Your divinely transmitted message for today is about creating your reality in 5-D awareness..


“The 5-D model of creation is the alignment with frequency. This is the new paradigm. Manifesting your desires using mindset alone is no longer enough and is anchored in 3-D awareness. So by working with the 5-D model, you are simply realigning yourself with the essence of what you want. Become aware of what you are now being guided to focus on and appreciate about yourself. This will help you put less attention on things that you don’t want. You are now able, because you have raised your frequency, to activate the inner technology of 5-D creation.

Here are some guidelines for better understanding what is meant by inner technology:


~ First, think about something that you would like to create.

~ Next, figure out the essence of it. What is the frequency of it? (What does it represent in terms of vibration- joy, freedom, excitement?)

~ Then, imagine yourself aligning with the frequency in your physical body. You don’t have to think when or where, just be in alignment with the essence of what you want.


This way of creating your reality is much easier because you are working with frequency and not a mental image of the form. You are a vibrational being. In 5-D, you are removing the mental component and instead you are focused on frequency. If it is your desire to create change in your life, it is an excellent idea to start here. Start to practice being in the vibration of what you want every morning. It is like writing a love letter to yourself every day.


If there is resistance, you can go back to the 3-D model of creating by imagining form. Yet, ask yourself why you are resisting. Noticing the source of your resistance will show you what lower frequency programs and beliefs you are running. Acknowledging that there is resistance is also the first step in opening the door to acceptance and flow.


The natural flow of all things is toward Source. So, if something is difficult, there is resistance. If you are in divine flow, creating reality that is aligned with your highest and best good is easy.”


With love and light
~ Kathryn Mussell

Intuitive Mentor, Energy Healer, Spiritual Growth Catalyst



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