Grounding Yourself in Earth Energy

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...Enjoy!


“There are trace elements in the earth’s crust that each vibrate at their own level and help to influence the earth’s magnetic field. Waves of energy are generated because of the sum of these elemental vibrations. These same trace elements and vital minerals can be found in the red blood corpuscles of the human body. This relationship allows the geomagnetic energy of Earth to influence the cardiovascular system of humans. Each beat of the human heart carries a signature of Mother Earth herself. We are of Her. She is of Us.


Low frequency energy waves (Schumann Waves) that oscillate between earth and atmospheric layers around it run at the same frequency of main control centers of the brain. They also follow the same pattern and frequency of certain brain waves. These electromagnetic waves help regulate the body’s internal clock or circadian rhythms. Without the influence of these beneficial long waves, we would feel distressed and disoriented, would have trouble establishing healthy sleep patterns, and feel out of alignment with the resonance of our planetary home, Earth.


We are of Her. She is of Us.


The more you learn how to breathe by pulling healing energy up from Earth and expanding it into the heart center on the exhale, you will feel a deeper connection with Earth and initiate yourself into the mysteries of her healing energy.


Spend more time in nature and connect your heart center to her heart center in a tube of energy. Send loving energy and blessings to the core of the Earth as you allow her consciousness to merge with yours. You will want to act as a better steward on her behalf. You will want to care for her well-being in more expanded ways. This is a natural progression on the path to planetary and human ascension as the planet shifts into a higher vibration. The stronger the bond you create with the Earth as she shifts into a higher vibration, the more comfortable and accelerated your evolution into higher consciousness will be. And so it is!”



With love and light!


~ Kathryn Mussell

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