Re-Calibrating Your Energy

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...


“There is more and more of yourself “arriving here.”


What that means is that more of your higher self, more of divinity, and the multidimensional expression of both, are attempting to integrate with your 3D reality. Your physical body is re-calibrating its energy to accept this new light information that is re-programming your DNA and your cell structure. Your spiritual, light body energy is teaching your physical body how to hold light in a way that you are able to access it fully and comfortably. This is an ongoing learning process.


Many of you are feeling “Ascension Symptoms”- flu-like symptoms, high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints, tension headaches that are not relieved with pain killers, dizziness, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, dense energy hovering over the chest and lungs, and feeling the whole body vibrate, especially at night when you are in a relaxed state.


These are simply the growing pains of moving into higher dimensional awareness as we feel the planet shifting into expanded consciousness. Your body is trying to receive the influx of large doses of high vibrating energy all at once and it is causing the dense form of the human body to feel stretched, pushed to its limit, and uncomfortable.


There are new physical “symptoms” of these higher frequency energies that are attempting to assimilate into your body and are emerging into the awareness of the collective consciousness.


Let’s take, for instance, the ascension symptom of ringing in the ears. If you perceive intuitively through clairaudience, you may be experiencing an “upgrade” in your abilities. This means you hear a ringing or buzzing in the ears with more frequency of late and for prolonged periods of time. You may also notice a deep quiet, a hushing of everything around you for a brief time, then the volume of your external environment gets amplified again, returning to normal. This also may be happening because you are becoming clairaudient. You are experiencing a re-calibrating, an upgrade to your current physical operating system. This should not alarm you.


Source energy, guides, ascended masters and other inter-planetary beings of light are trying to help you accommodate the ever-increasing levels of energy that are continuing to flood your awareness. It is also a time to seek out the light bearers who are bringing more attention to multidimensional awareness, what it means, and are showing people how to receive further support during this shift.


Self-care, meditation, good nutrition and supplementation, high vibration thoughts, beliefs and emotions will all support your energy at this time as you experience planetary ascension and the accompanying growing pains of spiritual reawakening.”


With love and light!

~ Kathryn


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