Your Beliefs are Amplifying


Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...


“Your beliefs are amplifying.


Whatever you’ve been giving your energy to, whatever emotions, thoughts and beliefs that have been part of your awareness for some time now, are magnifying and expanding to create a more pronounced version of your reality in 3D awareness.


Also, the experience of being able to create thought into form, which has always been part of your reality in third dimensional awareness, is now upgrading and accelerating as you are now remembering your multi-dimensional nature which allows you to “bend” or “fold” time. This gives you the feeling of time speeding up.


You may have noticed that when you think of someone they appear. You may have had a thought or idea and you almost immediately hear it spoken of in a conversation that you’re involved in or in an exchange that takes place around you.


It is of crucial importance to be a better steward of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs as they are rapidly manifesting into form on the material plane. If you are not aware of where you are placing your focus and attention, you will manifest erratically and create your reality by default. Likewise, if you are actively directing your thoughts and emotions, you are deciding, moment-to-moment, the quality of your experience. Do not mistake or ignore your gift. You are a powerful co-creator of your reality, able to call forth instantly the abundance that is part of your divine blueprint.


The universe doesn’t understand ‘can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t’ so always remember to focus your intention on the affirmative. Use “I am” to declare what you wish to manifest as it signals to the universe, “you are that,” and it will respond in kind, sending you the right people, situations and opportunities to align you with your desires, helping you to achieve that which is your highest and best good in this lifetime.”




With love and light


~ Kathryn Mussell


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