Tsunami ~ Wake-Up Call

Sometimes the normal ebb and flow of life becomes the stillness just before the tsunami.


I’ve been drawing this card fairly consistently when doing readings for myself over the last few months. Tsunami, Wake-Up Call. It seems to come up no matter what I am asking. Last night, doing a reading for myself, it came up twice. So naturally, I started to get a little freaked out, until I remembered what happened the last time I pulled this card a few months ago.


I was asking for help with clarity and direction on my path in life and business. I knew that I was opening up to more, ready to embrace greater challenges, feeling guided to do deeper work. Doing some work in the Akashic Records then allowed me to see that I was meant to be an “Ambassador to Ascension”- helping others to understand what’s happening with the shifts taking place as we are all experiencing planetary ascension. Even though I initially balked at the idea of inhabiting this role, I was assured, many times over, that I would “know” everything I needed to know in Divine Timing and that I was to surrender to that fact.


The more I learned to trust that, the more joyful this journey has been. When I did learn to fully embrace this call-to-action, the floodgates opened- new ideas, inspired writing, creative new offerings in my business, and a cascade effect of divine transmissions started flooding my awareness. What at first seemed scary, made me want to retreat, cry and pretend I didn’t even see the message that card had for me- Wake-Up Call, I realized that I was being given exactly what I was asking for. I was asking for change, clarity and direction. I wanted to dictate the measure of that. My ego still wanted to control the outcome of this great ask in a way that would still be comfortable for me even though my soul was crying out for transformation and expansion.


So, I am reminded of one of the divine messages I consistently receive now.


What happens for the individual is happening for the collective.


When one of us opens up our energy to transformation and surrenders to the outcome without fear, this is downloaded and programmed into the energy of all. Moving forward with love into new, uncharted territory is what ascension is all about. We are being invited to trust that opening ourselves up to 5th dimensional awareness is greater than we could ever imagine, that every single event we experience as we embrace this shift is for our growth and our highest good. There isn’t anything to fear. We are guided, supported and so, so loved.


If you are being faced with your own tsunami, know that it is the deep breath in before the exhale. True growth cannot be experienced without “growing pains.” It is just how we uplevel and reach new thresholds of awareness as humans. It is a process. The short term effects are fleeting and will soon be forgotten. The payoff is coming to the other side of your shadow and pain and restoring wholeness in mind, body and spirit. The long term effects are being able to love more fiercely, to trust unconditionally, to surrender with love instead of fear, and to feel a deeper connection with All That Is.



With blessings
~ Kathryn Mussell


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