You Are Starlight

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...


“You feel the contrast of your emotions like no other time before.


All parts and pieces of you are coming back into your awareness- a soul retrieval of cosmic proportions.


Being an infinite soul means that you are starting to realize the true nature of your multidimensional awareness. This is not limited to simply your awareness of other time, space and dimension, but it includes your “knowing” of other times before, a “remembering” of a distant part of your consciousness that lived among different people, on different planets, in different dimensions. You are recalling the information contained in the collective of several realms of consciousness at once. This information is encoded in your DNA and it no longer exists in shadow, but is being opened, upgraded and illuminated by the act of planetary ascension.


You are starlight.
This is not a romantic notion.
You are composed of the same material of the dust of stars.

Within you resonates the vibration of billions of years of time, space, knowledge, wisdom and abundance. There is no separation from the YOU that you see in the mirror and the YOU that is tapped into the infinite consciousness.

The contrast exists because your rational mind wants to create order from this. Doing so creates separation. Separation creates anxiety within you because the infinite oneness that your soul recognizes as truth is being told by the ego that it is not truth. Within this construct of “order” there can be only conflict, turmoil, disconnect, and unwelcome contrast.

Instead, focus on how much you are deeply loved as a soul being. Open your eyes today to see the soul being in everyone you encounter and send out the vibration, “The soul being in me recognizes the soul being in you.”

The “new order” of this Earth’s ascending timeline will soon become clearer, the contrast will naturally dissolve, and you will allow the rational mind that craves order and creates separation to be the servant of the heart.”

In love and service

~ Kathryn


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