Healing and Opening Up to the Void

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...


"In the time of this full moon, you are experiencing very deep emotions and beliefs that are coming up and need to be acknowledged, healed and cleared from your energy field.


There are so many portals of high frequency energy opening up through this summer, inviting in the energy of accelerated manifesting, increased spiritual awareness and awakening, (psychic portals are opening and lending divine assistance to you during this time) and the New Earth Cosmic Grid is amplifying with ever-increasing levels of high frequency light codes, carrying information to heal the collective amnesia of those who will not or cannot remember and embrace their multidimensional awareness.


The knowledge flooding your awareness will soon be undeniable. Not only will you receive the "evidence" you are seeking that you ARE Source energy and multidimensional consciousness, but you will receive information intuitively and superconsciously about how to utilize your true gifts for your highest good and the good of all humanity.


Why is it so important to heal and release the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are no longer serving you? Because your energy is being reborn into a new way of perceiving your reality. With this clearing, you are being invited to create a "void" so higher frequency energies may move in.


A new chapter of human spiritual evolution is taking hold. Your story of limitation and lack is the last chapter in a book that is about to be re-written. Any old stories of capped potential are not a vibrational match to the current ascension timeline you are now experiencing and they can no longer be supported. They are dissolving.


This process of emotional and spiritual deconstruction is a liberation and is a beautifully gilded engraved invitation to enter the void with total surrender and trust.


To do this, you must be willing to part with any thoughts, feelings or "self-evident truths" that you have allowed to become your reality of limitation. There is nothing to fear. You are loved and supported on this journey."


To help you with this process of clearing, I am attaching the link to the video, "Full Moon Release & Belief Upgrade" from May 2017.


With love and light
~ Kathryn Mussell


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