Healing the Heart

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today…


“There is much healing taking place now in the heart of the collective consciousness.


Through silent intent and movement of your will, you have chosen to bring forth what must be healed in the heart in order for you to embrace expanded consciousness and to assimilate the higher light vibrations coming into your awareness. To varying degrees, all humans are doing this, raising the energetic resonance of the collective so that we can all match the vibration of ascension.


Yet, there are those who are getting lost in the drama and chaos of this process, choosing to align with and anchor their energy into 3D reality when faced with this contrast. Subconsciously, letting go of fear is an unfamiliar process. The lure of heart-based awareness seems too fantastic, too wondrous, too surreal and too lofty to achieve. So there are hearts in limbo. There are those who have decided to stay in a place of pain and drama simply because it is WHAT IS KNOWN.


For those who are embracing their own process of ascension, choosing to move through the contrast with flow, honoring the process of release, expand, release, expand, you are being called to be of greater service as a way-shower and light warrior. You are being asked by the gentle, benevolent cosmic forces and by the ambassadors of many realms of ascended consciousness who are assisting you to come into the light to bypass the energy of judgement. There is no need to weigh-in on why others cannot or will not embrace ascension. This lowers your overall vibration.


You are receiving the nudge to continue on your path to ascension in 5th dimensional, heart-based awareness. Continue, undeterred by the distractions of 3D reality, in your pursuit of ever-increasing levels of enlightenment so that you may become a larger vessel of light- able to hold space for those who have not yet come into expanded awareness. You must lead by example. Accept WHAT IS and love it anyway. You are being invited to constantly turn your attention to the heart and expand this energy outward in every interaction, every act and every deed. This is the nature of the Shift.”

This was such a beautiful message to receive and it was a call to action for sure! To honor my charge as a light warrior, I want to help you call more love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance into your heart and mind today.


Please enjoy the free Kuan Yin Lavender Flame Heart Healing Meditation


Love and Light!

~ Kathryn

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