The Power of the Now Moment

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today…


“As you progress through this time of spiritual evolution, it is now very important to grasp the concept that time is an illusion. Many of you are having a difficult time “getting” that you are a multidimensional being, able to align yourself with an endless string of Now moments that allow you to have several different perspectives on many different timelines at once. This is difficult for the 3D ego mind to accept. When this topic comes up, many people go out of the body because the concept of non-linear time seems too nebulous to understand. So take a deep breath and resist the temptation to numb out. Reconnect with the breath and lean in to the truth of your multidimensional nature.


You are never really on a singular timeline. You are on Now moments.


There are infinite Now moments occurring simultaneously but you are choosing each successive Now moment that is of a similar frequency to the last. This is how you maintain the illusion of linear time in 3D reality and stay in the “game” of time. Not to confound and confuse you even further, but you agreed before you came into this reality to play this game because you thought it would be yet another fun thing to experience in this “Grand Experiment” of being on Earth at this time. To jump to a different reality, timeline, or dimension would be drastically different than what you are individually experiencing (and agreeing to in the collective consciousness) and would pull you out of the game, which would be no fun!


Many of you are growing tired of the game and want very much to re-familiarize yourselves with your multidimensional aspect of self. The only thing keeping you from having this experience is holding onto the illusion that the ego is real and that it is in the driver’s seat. The ego is simply programming that is superimposed over the Higher Self. The Higher Self is fully aware of this game that you have agreed to participate in. It is in full command of the ability to connect to infinite timelines and possibilities. But, because you have agreed to come here to play this ”game” of vibrational exploration, you are, in a sense, hiding the truth of your multidimensional nature from yourself, perpetually creating new experiences that continue to affect your perception and restrict your ability to see all outcomes of all situations at any given point in time.


Take a deep breath. You are going out of your body again.


You can experience infinite Now moments that you string together to get infinite timelines. Think of it this way- every decision you make can create another timeline. The one most important to focus on is THIS Now moment.


Taking your focus to the past or the future is a drain on your energy because you are shifting your attention to a moment that you are not physically experiencing.


When acting as the powerful creator that you are, ALL WORK is done in the Now moment.


By being present in the Now, you are bringing your attention to more heart-centered awareness. This way, you have the ability to be fully in your power and you will elevate your energy level.


As you become closer to reaching a 5D level of awareness, you are able to split your focus into multiple Now moments. Most of you who are reading this (and have made it this far without totally zoning out) are actually in 4D and are in a unique position of choosing to run either 3D or 5D programs of reality and belief. Be patient with yourself. Much of your energy is still clinging to the illusion of linear time. You are being invited to play more with multi-focused reality. It seems counter-intuitive but the more you imagine the infinite possibilities that can exist coming from each Now moment decision you make in 3D, the more you open yourself up to 5D level and multidimensional awareness. Have fun!”


Blessings and light

~ Kathryn


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