Fuel Your Fire

One of the most interesting things emerging in the collective consciousness as we are all experiencing the energetic shifts of ascension is the awareness of the archetypal realms represented by the Sacred Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  This is because the more we are experiencing the higher frequency energies of the “New Earth”, the more we need to root into the sacred energy of the elements to nourish, fortify and ground us.


The shift into understanding more of our multidimensional awareness as we experience planetary ascension is not about the idea of somehow leaving 3D Earth. We are not really “going” anywhere. We are incrementally experiencing higher vibrations of Mother Earth that are inviting us to calibrate our existing energy in order to integrate the ever-increasing higher vibrations flooding our awareness. In this way, we can optimally experience all the benefits of ascension. This is much easier to do if we meditate on, and call forth the Sacred Elements to help us.


Take the element of Fire, for example. Fire represents strength of will, passion, renewal and rebirth. It also represents the direction of South and the season of summer. Focusing on the element of Fire allows us to align with the deeper archetypal meanings that are hard-wired into the collective consciousness. When we are tapped into this primordial aspect of self, we can truly understand the ancient energetic information and wisdom that is encoded into our cells and DNA. This allows more of who “we have been” to merge with “who we are becoming” as we are running ascension energies at the same time, recalibrating our individual and collective energy to understand what it means to function in the paradigm of the “New Earth.”


What does all this mean? A whole lot! We have a deeper connection to Mother Earth and to all beings on it. We feel the call to act as better stewards of this incredible planet. We feel fearless about the natural dissolving of old paradigms that no longer serve us and we embrace renewal and rebirth with a fortified will and spirit. We feel the fire in our bellies as our solar plexus chakras are fueled by a renewed sense of personal power, revelation, creativity, inspiration, and a hunger for seeking new levels of knowledge and spiritual wisdom to feed our souls.


Check out the Sacred Element Activation series on my podcast, The Abundant Intuitive and align your energy with the sacred realm of Fire.


Love and light

~ Kathryn






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