What is 5th Dimensional Awareness?

August 6, 2017

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today…


What is 5th dimensional awareness?


“The scope of 5th dimensional awareness (and what it means) is vast. There is a temptation to want to intellectualize this concept. Yet it is not a concept. It is a way of being. It is possible to explain one part of 5th dimensional awareness in a way that makes more sense so you can anchor the “knowing” of it into your 3D reality.


The definition and meaning of everything that has been part of your 3rd dimensional awareness up until now is changing, upgrading, magnifying and amplifying. This means EVERYTHING.


Already, this feels vast and complicated. But, do not feel overwhelmed by this. Considering (and digesting) this idea is just a small rest-stop on your path to opening up your heart and mind to an ever-expanding scope of perception. And when we say “understanding”, it is not a way of comprehending known solely by the mind, but to be equally felt in the heart.


The experience of expanding your individual and collective scope of perception is not an experience that can be taught or even learned in the traditional sense, it simply is remembered by the most ancient and infinite aspect of who you are- your soul. You are remembering how to live in the 5D way of being. You have done it before. You are re-awakening the dormant parts of self that know how to use multi-dimensional awareness as a tool to co-create your reality from the perspective of the God’s Eye View, with the inspiration of unconditional love and pure light. For instance, the way you manifest your reality on a daily basis has changed. You consider what not only serves you, but what also serves the collective. All of this is informed by the heart’s awareness of higher vibrational energies at work and is helping you to shift into high-heart consciousness- greatly influencing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs now more than ever to be concerned for the highest good of not only yourself, but for the good of all.


This heightened awareness and the amplifying of everything we know is all about frequency and vibration. This point cannot be overstated. Every single emotion experienced in the 3D playing field is now magnified- the lows are lower, the highs are higher. Is it easier to understand the analogy that your time here on Earth is actually a playing field, an emotional training ground, and a game you agreed to take part in before you incarnated here because you thought it would be fun? If you need to grasp a concept here, perhaps that’s the one to grasp! If it is accepted in your heart and mind that this is all a game that you CHOSE to come here and play, and you recognize that your free-will choices allow you to develop a strategy for living this life any way you CHOOSE, then maybe the low’s don’t feel so low anymore. It is simply contrast which allows you to make different, more informed choices that support your vision of what is your highest good in this lifetime.


The shift into more heart-based awareness as we ascend into 5th dimensional reality is enabling you to see the game of 3D being played, and all the players, from the perspective of the God’s Eye View.


5th dimensional awareness is pulling back the veil on where you have not been able to, or willing to see this as a game. This heightened awareness brings you more perspectives on your reality than you can count. This awareness opens the door to ways of being that you had previously thought were unavailable to you. 5th dimensional awareness is the new paradigm of thought and form that is allowing you to redefine everything you have ever known and to give it new meaning, new purpose and opens a path to enlightened co-creation of your reality with Source and the pure love and light of All That Is.”


Blessings on your path!

~ Kathryn




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