Flower Assistance for Mercury Retrograde

August 13, 2017

The second retrograde period of Mercury for the year 2017 starts on August 12th and ends on the 5th of September.
This retrograde motion of Mercury is quite significant as it happens in the Eclipse season of the year. Also this is a longer duration of retrograde motion for Mercury where it takes about 23 days unlike the other retrograde periods.
Eclipses are generally found to bring about major changes and cleansing in our lives. The Mercury retrograde happening now would cleanse our souls and bring about a mental and emotional make-over in our lives. A good time to root out negative thoughts that hinder our development in life! This Mercury retrograde season also helps to identify what is holding you back in life this season.
This is a good time for introspection, assessment and planning, nut not necessarily executing or taking big action.

As is typical for Mercury Retrograde, we may feel irritated when plans fall through, travel gets messed up, when we don't communicate well with others, or when we don't receive communication in the highest and best way from others.

This is a good time for going inward, assessing our plans and vision for the future and for constantly returning our energy to the heart to gain perspective with love and light.

I'd like to help you by sharing some Flower Essences that help to address the energy that can emerge with Mercury Retrograde.
All of these essences may be purchased here and Green Hope Farms ships worldwide.

Green Hope Farms Flower Essences


🌼Loving What Is
Support to anchor our consciousness in our hearts instead of our minds
When our minds rule our lives, they rule from databases of contradiction and confusion lacking any cohesiveness or unifying principle. This is because our minds are rag tag bundles of ideas collected from a myriad number of sources and necessarily rife with conflicting ideas that pull us in different directions.
While the mind has no capacity to be in charge it still wants to be charge even at the cost of our happiness. It will not hesitate to throw a grocery list of worrying, fearful, guilt laden, contradictory and unhappy thoughts into our consciousness in order to stay in charge. To let our minds run our lives is self sabotage of the highest order. No matter what rises up from our minds as the right opinion of the day, it is always in conflict with other ideas we carry and therefore literally sets up a dynamic of constant inner conflict. The mind, when given the role of running our lives, literally divides us from ourselves.
So what is the solution? As Einstein said, 'The consciousness that created the problem can't solve the problem.' The solution lies not in the mind but in the heart. It is in the terrain of the heart that we can love what is, sink into a consciousness that is not in conflict with any other consciousness and therefore find the peace and harmony we seek.
This Essence helps us make this bold move to our hearts then stick with it no matter what our minds throw at us to try to gain back control. If we know the way to our hearts already, it supports us to live there more of the time. Our hearts are where we can relish our lives despite the fact that our lives have not gone according to our minds' plans or expectations. This is why this Essence is called, 'Loving What Is.'


Fueling our spiritual path with energy already in our electrical system
Clitoria explains, 'My color and unmistakable resemblance to female genitalia seem to send mixed signals. My blue petals link to the heart chakra while my appearance suggests a clear connection to the second chakra. Actually, I work with all the chakras. I improve the flow of energies up from the root and second chakra to the heart where this energy will do the most good for your spiritual evolution. I also know how to contain and appropriately handle great surges in spiritual light moving through the chakras.
-Helps us manage kundalini awakenings and other dramatic spiritual events.
-Helps ignite spiritual energies that lie dormant within you.


🏵️Royal Ponciana
Royal Ponciana helps us communicate with more politeness towards each other. It particularly helps argumentative people stop their pursuit of fiery debate to seek instead the common spiritual thread that connects us one to another.
-Helps us hold the thread of our oneness even when hot under the collar.


🌸Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Cliffs of Moher
Expressing our truth even when we feel vulnerable
Like the dramatic Cliffs of Moher where this Essence was made, this Pink Yarrow Essence has a vibration of confident splendor, complete ease and unapologetic self-expression. The Essence encourages us to shine in all our glory even when we are in a place of extreme exposure or vulnerability.
-Helps us hold and express our deepest truths and inviolate spirit even when challenged or feeling exposed and vulnerable.
-Helps us awaken to our eternal safety no matter where we are.
-Helps us feel safe when we speak from our hearts.


🕷️Spiderwort ~ Excellent aid during Mercury Retrograde where things can really get fuzzy about how and when to take action. (or not to!)
Problem solving, discernment
Spiderwort helps us notice things that might otherwise go unnoticed. It can alert us to hidden pitfalls. It is extremely helpful for all issues of discernment. It helps us know our way if we are getting mixed signals. It helps us isolate significant information in a sea of data.
-Excellent for prioritizing as it reveals what is important and what is not.
-Helps us know what is going on if others are trying to obscure the truth from us.


I hope you've found this truly helpful!

Blessings, love and light
~ Kathryn




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